10″ Flat Free Hand Truck Tire and Wheel with 5/8″ Center Shaft Hole

May 20, 2019 - Comment
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10″ flat free tire and wheel (color: white) from EZ Travel Collection. These tires are commonly used to replace hand truck wheels and tires, as well as generator wheels and tires. 5/8″ center hole shaft and 4.10/3.50-4 tire treads. Special tread design provides added grip. Hardened foam tires never need to be inflated.

Product Features

  • FLAT FREE TIRE – This 10″ flat free tire and wheel are perfect for replacing hand truck wheels as well as garden hose cart wheels and tires that may be getting old. It also features an axle shaft hole, and the wheel color is white (as pictured).
  • MULTIPLE USES – These extra strong tires can be used as a replacement for many wheels. If you have a cart that needs a new, sturdy wheel then this wheel will do just the trick. It can also be used on hand trucks, compressors, and much more.
  • ADDED GRIP – Don’t worry about your wheels. This extra wide wheel has a tread design for heavy duty grip. Now you can wheel around without worrying about slipping.
  • ALWAYS INFLATED – Never pump again! This flat free tire has a hardened foam and never has to be inflated. Making it that much easier to get out into the yard without ever having to worry about a deflated tire!
  • DIMENSIONS – Center Hole Shaft: 5/8″, Tire treads: 4.10/3.50-4


Anonymous says:

Tried using it for a scooter rear tire. originally purchased this for a scooter. Had problem with rear wheel constantly going flat. Thought this would easily remedy the problem. Well, no. The foam is not dense enough. If the scooter is standing upright, over time the wheel will develop a flat spot. And you’re riding “thump, thump, thump, thump, thump….” Overall a nice set of wheels, just not usable enough for a scooter. For a dolly or hand cart I think it would be fine. As long as not too much weight is on the dolly.

Anonymous says:

Was pleasantly surprised by the softness and bounce like an inflatable tire would have Being a solid tire, I was expecting a hard tire. Was pleasantly surprised by the softness and bounce like an inflatable tire would have.Update 6 months later: Bought 2 and the hub came loose on one of them,making it unusable. Brought rating down to 3 stars.

Anonymous says:

DO NOT USE ON GENERATORS The wheels and tires are very nicely made and I believe if you were to use them on a hand truck or wheel barrel or something similar, to where their is weight on the tires for a short period, they would work perfectly as most of the reviews have stated. However when I put them on my generator and about 3 weeks later there were flat spots from the weight of the generator sitting in one place.

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