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How to install the tyre studs?
Certain equipment is necessary to insert tire studs correctly. In addition to a snow tire with pre-drilled holes for studs, you also need the correct size stud.
The tire stud number size is located on the sidewall or on the tire label of the snow tire.
Using a smaller stud than stated can result in an ineffective stud, and one that’s too long can cause the stud to dislodge from the tire. A stud gun, a pneumatic device that resembles a hand gun, is used to insert the stud into the hole in the tread of the snow tire.

1.Drill (using a very small bit) down from the center of chosen knob into the tire
2.Drill a screw up from inside-out. If the angle isn’t perpendicular to the tire,it’ll stick out one side or the other. Do one hole and screw at a time. Don’t try drilling all the holes, then installing screw
3.Put duct tape over the screws on the inside of the tire; sometimes it is best to use two layers of tape

Material:Steel body with Carbide tips
Length : 12mm
Head Diameter: 4mm
Tip diameter:2.3mm


Product Features

  • The new style screw in tire studs can be easily installed and removed without professional tools, it can also be disassembled according to the reason, When not in use, it could be removed lightly and stored for using again in th following season. Choose appropriate size of new studs in the installation process in terms of the depth of tire thread
  • Easy to install and remove – less than 1 hour with simple hand tools
  • Economic – add ultimate off-road capability to your”normal” ATV,UTV or 4X4
  • Low ground pressure – environmentally with minminum impact
  • Proven – world renowned product. Durable – quality engineering, built to last. Versatile – all reason capability in all condition


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