12V/24V Universal Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord Cable with Cigarette Lighter Socket, for Truck/RV/ATV/Boat/UTV/Car Compatible with tire inflators, compressor, portable coolers, heated blankets

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Fun-Driving Provides high quality and heavy duty Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug Socket.

Product Specifications:

Input/ Output Socket: One Male to one Female cigarette lighter socket Extended Cord Length: 10 ft Wire sizes:14 AWG Built-in Fuse: 15A Max Input Power: 180W Operating Voltage: 12-24V DC

Product Features:

10ft heavy duty electric wire in protective tube and quality connectors that hold tightly on both ends. Plugs directly into cigarette lighter socket and extends your 12-24 volt power source to where it is needed. High-quality automotive universal extension cord which plugs into 12V-24V DC vehicle power supply outlet socket and the extension length can reach to 10ft. Multiple Uses: It can connect to any 12-24V device rated to 180W. It is designed to extend your 12-24 volt power source to cell phone, tablet, coolers, heated blankets, lights, cooking appliances, coffee maker or car electrical appliances such as car vacuum cleaner, tire inflator, car wash pump, car charger, car power inverters, etc.

Package include:

1 piece of Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord Cable After-sale Service Card


Satisfaction Guaranteed: All Fun-Driving products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, an 24-month warranty and a lifetime of friendly customer service!

Product Features

  • 【Universally and Commonly Applicable】10ft Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord Cable for reaching any 12V/24V devices, like tire inflators, compressor, portable coolers, heated blankets, inverters, LED light, Car humidifier, cellphone, tablet, vacuum cleaner, fan, coffee maker and more.
  • 【Easy Use】: Easily plug Extension Cord with into any Cigarette Lighter Plug Socket with an LED power indicator to show when your 12V/24V socket is active.
  • 【Highly Conductive and Effective】The cable is made from a high-conductivity copper wire for maximum performance and a rated capacity of 15-amperes.
  • 【Safe and Secure Design】The built-in fuse can efficiently protect against overcurrent and short circuit.
  • 【Durable and High-quality】 A rugged and waterproof design with molded strain reliefs to prevent unwanted stress on the cable connections can resist high temperature and have outstanding bending performance


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