151Wh 40800mAh Portable Generator Power Station, 100W CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car with Dual 110V AC Inverter, DC 12V, USB Ports

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Paxcess PA100W Power Station – Charge Your Life!

It is a versatile, convenient, large capacity power pack which combines 110V AC inverter, DC 12V and USB ports, designed to run lights, phones, laptops and small appliances in an off-grid or power outage situation. Great for emergency, camping, weekend trip or wherever you need power anytime anywhere.

Why Choose Paxcess?

One-in-all Portable Power Station: A portable battery powered generator alternative is a rechargeable power source for personal electronic devices and small appliances.

Huge Capacity for Outdoor Life: Features 150 WH battery capacity and versatile outputs (USB, AC and 12V) for charging Up to 18 recharges on most phones, like iPhone and Android through the 2.1A USB port. Get 1 to 2 recharges on small laptops and up to 2-3 nights for CPAP machine with DC/DC converter from your CPAP machine and the humidity turned off.

Gasoline-free Generator Alternative: The PA100W stores energy in a rechargeable, 12V Lithium polymer battery and operates without fumes or noise for safe, silent, clean way to power up your devices anywhere.

Charge It Anywhere: Easily recharge from an AC outlet at home in about 8 hours, from a 12V outlet in about 13 hours, or from a solar panel in up to 8 hours depending on solar conditions and the size of the solar panel.

Travel Friendly: only 3.3-lbs with an easy-carry handle, an ideal shape and size for traveling, fits perfectly in the backseat to keep power-hungry devices charged on long road trips.

Reliable Quality: PA100W power station is built-with only premium components. Its sturdy, drop-tested, fire-resistance shell is used to bear the rigors of your outdoor adventures.

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Product Features

  • POWERFUL AC, USB AND 12V OUTPUTS KEEP ALL YOUR DEVICES CHARGED UP: Whether you’re looking to keep iPhone, iPad, laptop, DSLR camera charged up, or running lights, CPAP machine and small appliances in an off-grid or power outage, the Paxcess portable power station features a variety of outputs, including 3* 12V DC port(max 180W,with an extra cigarette socket cable) / 2* 110V AC outlet inverter(modified sine wave, max 100W) / 2* USB 5V port, to ensure you have the power you need at any time
  • EASILY RECHARGED FROM SUN, WALL OUTLET OR CAR: No matter where you go, keep Paxcess portable generator charged through 3 easy ways: Simply use the included AC adapter from wall outlet to charge up the Paxcess generator in 7-8 hours. On the go, use Paxcess 50w solar panel to charge it from the power of the sun and works as a portable solar generator(The compatible solar panel is sold separatly). Lastly, charging while on-the-road is easy with the included 12V car charger cable.
  • CLEAN ADN PORTABLE POWER, NO GASOLINE REQUIRED: Since there’s no gasoline required and no toxic fumes, the Paxcess generator is completely safe to use inside your house, tent, and car. It’s also silent which makes it the perfect generator alternative to have on hand for any event; Only weights 3.3lbs and ideal size for traveling, fits perfectly in the backpack or backseat on long road trips.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Paxcess, your satisfaction is our first priority, that’s why we offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 45 days, you can return with 100% money back. No hassles, no question asked. If your generator failed within 1 year time, we will send you brand new replacement. 100% Risk Free.


team W says:

Cool gadget – Odd Name Ok, this is a “solar generator” in the same way a deep cycle marine battery is a solar generator. It is a big BATTERY pack. And that is ALL it is.This battery pack gets you two USB ports so you can charge your phone or whatever from it. It also comes with an adapter to drive 12v DC car cigarette lighter stuff. And it does have a very simple, basic, modified sine wave inverter that will let you run SMALL 110v AC loads directly from it. Realistically, 100w is not exactly…

Amazon Cruiser says:

Perfect for CPAP Users! I am a sleep technologist in the business over 15 years and finding alternate power has always been a challenge for our patients traveling, camping, boating etc. I purchased this generator for use with my husbands Respironics AirSense CPAP and it ran for 2 nights. This is a perfect solution for CPAP users as it is small (61/2x3x51/2) weighs only 3lbs and reasonably priced. A couple of tips to get longer use: remove or turn off your humidifier and use a converter. I used this one I purchased on…

McKay C says:

Great as UPS backup or for emergencies. I have this in my home for emergencies but it is also nice that I can use it as a UPS backup. This is very simple to use and is handy to throw in the car for vacations.In some of the tests I ran I was able to find that it was easily able to power something around 60 watts. Above 60 watts it was harder to measure. For example, I used this to supply the power strip to my desk. This power strip supplies power to my laptop computer, external monitor, USB charger, and audio mixer. This…

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