2/10/25A 12V Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer Fully Automatic with Engine Start, Cable Clamps

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Towertop Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer

– Charges 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries including: Standard, AGM, GEL, and Sealed Lead Acid.
– LCD screen displays charging status and battery status with easy to understand icons.
– Start Aid function can optimize the power of your battery in only 120 Second, giving you enough power to start most cars.
– Warning: For 12V battery only, not to be used with 24V battery. Do not charge a frozen or battery that has gone below 3V.


1. Desulphation: Pulse charges the battery to break down the build-up of lead sulphate crystals. Lead sulphate crystals can occur when a battery has been discharged or left unused for a period of time, seriously affecting the performance and lifespan of the battery.
2. Soft Start: A slow steady buildup of the charging process that limits the power supplied to protect the battery.
3. Bulk Charge: The main part of the charging process where 80% of the charge is applied.
4. Absorption: Fully charges the battery by slowly reducing the charge rate to allow the battery to absorb more power.
5. Battery Test: An automatic test to determine the battery condition after charging. If further charging is required, the Recondition stage is selected. If fully charged, the battery goes into Float status.
6. Recondition: Unique charge state to recover deeply discharged batteries.
7. Float: Maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery, allowing the Smart Charger to be left connected to the battery indefinitely.

Product Features

  • Fast, Smart Battery Charger: The Battery Charger can charge all types of 12V Lead-acid Batteries, including GEL, AGM and STD. It is perfect for charging Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, RV, PowerSport, Lawn & Garden, etc.
  • 7-Step Charging Program: Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Battery Test, Recondition and Floating. This allows for optimization of battery power, without overcharging or damaging.
  • Advanced Start Aid: Engine Start Aid feature can help start your vehicle in about 120 seconds.
  • Auto Detect Systems: Features Battery Voltage detection, then automatically selects charge rate for charging and maintaining. Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life. LCD screen displays charging status and battery status with easy to understand icons.
  • Safety Protection: Battery Charger has Over Voltage, Over Heat, Overtime Charging, Short Circuit, and Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure users safety.


Anonymous says:

Easy to carry Super easy to use and very light weight. I bought this because my battery kept dying and this saves the day when I need it the most. Cord length is perfect!

Anonymous says:

All rounder smart charger…Good deal The product is very universal, well thought out, and user-friendly. It is easy to interpret. Perfect for any home owner that is not familiar with batteries.Interactive LCD display shows every details like charging rate, battery type so helpful to keeps you updated on status of charge..even don’t have to worry while using the charger incorrectly, it is smart enough to detect if it is properly attached to a battery before begins charging, otherwise it show error messages in words and…

Anonymous says:

Good Battery Charger. I bought one of these for my Trailer because I was having trouble with my previous charger. It would overcharge my batteries and shorten their life. It worked so well that I bought a second one for scooter that I have in another location. Both work perfectly. It come with the multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life. Including Over Voltage, Over Heat, Overtime Charging, Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity.So far this been working well for me. I need a charge as I…

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