2-Pack of ATV or UTV Wheel Anchor Bonnet Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps

November 21, 2017 - Comment
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Package includes (2) ATV wheel tie-down bonnet straps. Multiple straps are required for securing an ATV, UTV, or 3 wheeler vehicle tires for trailer transport. Includes (2) heavy duty ratchet straps each with (2) cam buckles for securing tight against wheel. Designed to fit most ATV and UTV tire sizes. Rubber coated hook end attachments provide added grip and anchor surface protection.

Product Features

  • Package includes (2) ATV wheel tie-down bonnet anchoring straps
  • Multiple straps required for securing an ATV, UTV, or 3 wheeler vehicles for trailer transport
  • (2) Heavy duty ratchet straps each with (2) cam buckles for securing against wheel
  • Fits most ATV and UTV tire sizes
  • Rubber coated hook attachment ends


Kyle says:

Great product and way better than ratchet strapping to the frame! They work great! At first I was a little worried about them coming loose because there is only 1 ratchet strap on each wheel bonnet and the rest of the adjustments are done with cam buckles, which I don’t trust. However, I use a wheel bonnet on each tire of my ATV and there have been no issues. I think this is because there is no need to tighten them ridiculously tight to compress the suspension, like when ratchet strapping to the frame of an ATV. There is also no suspension movement to loosen…

Punisher says:

Fantastic!! I absolutely love these bonnets. I used to strap our ATV’s down with ratchet straps attached to the racks and I always hated how they compressed the suspension. It just seems like it can’t be good and they always loosened up after driving for a bit. It had become routine to drive a few miles, pull over and tighten the straps.Well not anymore!! These hold the bikes solid! The have never loosened off, not even after several miles of rough terrain. These are well worth the money.

Ron Blevins says:

Great tire bonnet for atv and utv use! I use these to strap down all four corners of my RZR trail 900 side by side on my trailer. I like the idea of just strapping down the tires and not compressing the suspension. If you have tied down an atv or side by side by compressing the suspension using ratchet strap they will loosen up. Not what you want on bumpy roads. These tire bonnets have never come loose on me and are easy to adjust for tire size. They come with two d rings that you attach to the trailer. There are no backing plates…

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