3M 08962 Intake System Cleaner Kit

September 13, 2018 - Comment
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Kit includes one each 3M Intake System Cleaner, Fuel System Cleaner Tank Additive and Throttle Plate & Intake Cleaner. A total fuel system cleaner that cleans and protects throttle plates, intake manifolds, valves and combustion chambers. Restores power, performance and fuel economy. Protects against carbon buildup and engine knock.

Product Features

  • Improves car idle for more consistent vehicle performance
  • Creates more responsive acceleration
  • Produces better fuel economy
  • Reduces engine knocks and pings for improved engine performance
  • Affordable price potentially saves money spent on maintenance


Coop says:

worked great. Just remember to hold the can upside down and you need a special tool to use this injection cleaner. I use a valvoline synpower injection cleaner. if your don’t have the tool don’t buy this.

rewells4395 says:

UPDATE :Needs Areosol adapter at $100 extra This must be used with 3m aerosol adapter kit, approx $100 + the cost of the cleaner kit, cheaper to take it to Tires Plus. Product description does state this (did not see, my bad), but it would help for the video to state this again. Will not be able to use,$35 bucks down the drain. UPDATE: After looking at the video again, it appears they are not using the adapter kit, so what I received does not look like the video, as far as the spray nozzle is concerned on the throttle cleaner…

nemi says:

Amazing market opportunity for someone to make a 3rd party … Con:WARNING! Does not include delivery nozel and not compatible with the nozel delivery system supplied with the 3M kit 39089.Requires custom 3M delivery cap / nozzle / tube that costs >$100 (!) (a complete rip-off for something that costs <$5 to make).I took this can to local car parts store but could not locate any nozzle / valve that would fit it ( R12 and R143a Freon valve caps ($5-$10) do not have the correct thread).Pro:Amazing market…

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