3M 1080 M26 Matte Military Green 5ft x 1ft W/Application Card Vinyl Vehicle Car Wrap Film Sheet Roll

November 29, 2019 - Comment
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3M’s 1080 Series are made for wrapping and there’s no question that their bold colors and exotic finishes will help you stand out in any crowd. With more than 80 finishes to choose from in our eBay store you can find the exact look you want. Best of all, when you buy 3M you’re not just purchasing a vinyl wrap, you’re buying years of research and technology as well. The 3M brand promises quality, reliability, service and warranty – things you just can’t get anywhere else. 1080 Series 3M vinyl wrap films are made for use it right out of the box. There’s no need to print or apply an overlaminate. And, since they’re manufactured with dual color layers for dimensional stability and durability, you can depend on them not to discolor or deform even around the craziest of curves. Enjoy the convenience and quality of this 3.5 mil cast film.

Product Features

  • Genuine 3M 1080 Series Film with Rvinyl Application Card
  • Dual-Cast 3.5mil (.0035in) thick vinyl film with buuble-free air egress technology.
  • Invisible Air Channels make installation quicker and easier.
  • Perfect for wrapping your vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, boat or just about any hard surface.
  • Rvinyl Quick Guide installation card included with every purchase.


Anonymous says:

Decent product, regardless of vendor 3m vinyl is overpriced, Matte tends to sheen if stretched too far during application I’m no wrap expert but I have wrapped a fender, a couple car parts and dozens and dozens of MacBooks, iPads, iPhones to know that 3m wrap is 3m wrap. 3m vinyl seems to be highly overpriced for what it is which is why I ding it a star. The second reason is this specific color (charcoal) tends to sheen if you stretch it slightly too far, making the end result seem discolored. This doesn’t happen with glossy wraps.Otherwise this is just like any other 3m wrap. It looks great when…

Anonymous says:

You won’t believe what I used this for I used this material with a circle cutter to make “whitewalls” for a 1:12 scale Maisto Harley Davidson Road king, which I hacked together out of two of their other models. I had the real bike, and mine had spoke wheels and wide whites. I cleaned the black rubber tires with alcohol and cut these out and stuck them on. Epic.

Anonymous says:

Looks great, but with caveats – Find another supplier The dead-matte black looks great, but shows a ton of fingerprints. This is known and not a surprise. Reading reviews shows that this may be an issue, and it only takes a cloth with some rubbing alcohol to clean it up, but it’s just more noticeable than gloss.Application was reasonable, even as a beginner. I spent much time with cut tape attempting to get ‘perfect’ butt seams, but in the end, I opted for small over-lap. Once heated, the vinyl formed well to the neighbor and it is…

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