ACDelco D581 GM Original Equipment Ignition Coil Variation pack (SET OF 8)

May 17, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Good coils Packaging was pretty poor (8 coils in a box that could have held 20+) with no packing material to keep them from bouncing around, and the coil boxes showed it. They are coils so I wasn’t too concerned that they were damaged and none were so I installed them in my 2004 Avalanche 2500 with the 8.1L engine and they worked just as I expected. The miss I had that threw the P0171 code is gone and the truck feels more responsive. I saw nothing to indicate that these were not genuine ACDELCO parts made…

Anonymous says:

Slight misfire, no codes. 03 Yukon Denali XL I used this on a 2003 Yukon Denali XL. The car has 110K miles. There was a slight misfire with no codes, no check engine light. I diagnosed the problem as a failing coil not yet bad enough to throw a code. I got one of these and started to take my best guess (With the assistance of a scanner, and experience) The original plan was to trial and error with each cylinder. (In case you don’t know, there are 8 of these on the car). I started with the Lucky number 7. Lo and behold, misfire is GONE…

Anonymous says:

ACDelco Ignition Coil For GMC Perfect fit for 2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD 6.0 with 71K miles on it. Not sure how long a coil is suppose to last but decided to change them out with new plugs and wires little smoother idle and dropped 200rpm when idling. These were made in Mexico if another country besides USA makes a difference. I prefer a USA made product, maybe the President will get more and more once USA companies to come back to America?

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