ADPOW Automotive Battery Charger 12V 24V 10A Automatic Smart Battery Maintainer Intelligent Pulse Repair for Boat Marine Truck Lawn Mower Deep Cycle Battery with Terminal Clean Brush

October 30, 2019 - Comment
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1,This product is applicable to the 12V/24V 100AH lead acid battery,including GEL,UPS,wet battery and maintenance-free battery,
2,Advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technology is used to automatically charge batteries through a 4-stage charging cycle,
3,The battery life can be significantly improved by digital pulse repairing method for the power chips of micro computers,
4,Constant voltage charging will be arranged to provide various protections and avoid over-voltage,over-current,over-beating and electrode-positive ect,
5,When the red indicator light of charging stops flashing or is dark,and as well as the current indicator fell to about 1 bars condition,the charging mode will change to floating charging,means the battery charging being finished.
6,The 12V input when automatic charging mode,Full electric voltage of 13.8V to 14.3V,about 16V input when manual charging mode,must be artificial monitoring in case of overcharge if manual mode charging,suggest stop charging when the battery beating.
7,Do not block cooling hole or use the charger with the cooling fan off.

Input Voltage: 110-230V
Output voltage: 12V/24V
Current:12A peak for 12V,10A peak for 24V
Capacity: 100AH
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Length of output wire:65cm
Length of input wire:125cm
dimension: 14*19*7cm
Gross weight: 0.9kg
Application: best suitable for 6-200AH lead acid batteries(including wet and dry)

Product Features

  • Multiple protections: Reverse, Overheating,Low voltage,Short circuit,Over current protection.
  • Intelligent:Shorter charging time due to optimized charging process.
  • Optimization:Stabilizes internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity.
  • Energy-saving:When the battery is fully charged,it will automatic stop.
  • High Technology: Made of high quality materials, durability and beautiful.


Anonymous says:

Not so Automatic The battery leads are way too short. AC lead is also too short. The automatic function assumes a depleted 24V is 12V and will not charge. 10A is really only a trickle charge. “User manual” is a silly useless mess of bad English that explains only the obvious. No explanation of all the panel lights or what the flashing colors mean. Low contrast display hard to read unless angle is right and no more than 20″ away. Nevertheless, it will eventually charge a 12V battery. Good luck with 24V use…

Anonymous says:

It works Much better than charger that comes with most 24 volts things. It is important to know that there really is no manual control of this however. Manual charges at around 28 or 30 volts while automatic charges at 24 or 26ish. Not exact numbers but manual is a more agressive charge. All the buttons on the charger are nothing more that indicator lights. While it’s display is only viewable at like a 30 degree arc. It is very informative. Shows you either what it is charging at or if not connected to…

Anonymous says:

Gets the job done! This is a light-duty charger, and I was very skeptical after opening the box. The unit is very light and all the wires are thin (16AWG). I was sure this thing was going to run hot especially the thin wires. That has not been the case at all. I’ve charged a few 12V batteries that were very dead, ie. 2-3 volts, and to my amazement not only did it fully charge the batteries, it never once got hot or even warm for that matter! It did take several hours to complete its cycle but once it did it…

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