Alla Lighting UM-2018 Vision H1 LED Bulb 8000 Lumens 6000K – 6500K Xenon White LED H1 Headlight Bulb All-in-One H1 Bulb Headlamp Conversion Kits H1 LED Headlight Bulbs (Set of 2)

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Alla Lighting UM-2018 Newest Version Latest Design UM-2018 version H1 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits-Perfect Replacement the Halogen headlamp or fog light bulb

Alla Lighting pursues to offer the best valuable guaranteed led light bulbs for the customers, this led headlight adopts the original reflection light output with high illumination custom 2ND-ZES LUMILEDS led chips,6063 Aviation Aluminum and red copper vacuum tube & best turbine blade heat sink for much better heat dissipation to achieve longer lifespan & much further lighting distance.

Here is UM-2018 H1 LED Headlight specification

LED Chip Type:high quality and high illumination of 2nd ZES LIMILEDS chips.

Heat Dissipation Technology::Newest technology double way heat dissipation -heat sink.makes the bulb much better heat dissipation to achieve much longer lifespan up to 30000h.

High illumination light: Each H1 led bulb light output will be up to the maximum 4000 lumens in perfect condition (total 8000 lumens in total for both 899 880 led headlight.

Easy installation: For most vehicles, just Plug-N-Play, car installation manual included. Yet for some European vehicles or newest version, your vehicles may require to install the load resistor or decoder to avoid the error coder or blinking-off issues. This happens due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamp.

True 6000K~6500K Cool White Lighting: Crystal clear daytime white lighting. Plus “Instant-On” capability with MINI-design.

Cross reference number: H1, H1LL etc.

Product Features

  • (Set of 2) 8000 lumens for both LED H1 bulb (4000 lumens per H1 LED bulb) without dark spots; Color: 6000K ~ 6500K xenon white.
  • Newest technology 6063 aviation aluminum heat sink design and double way heat dissipation for longer life span & further light output area.
  • Waterproof, Working Power: 30W; Working voltage: 9V – 32V
  • Lifespan: More than 30,000 hrs in 25°C ambient; Mini Design, easy installation and fitment. For most vehicles, just directly plug-n-play, yet for some European vehicles or newest vehicles, it may require to install the load resistors to avoid the error code or blinking.
  • Application: Used for upgrading the stock high or low beam halogen H1 headlight replacement. Cross reference number: H1, H1LL


Anonymous says:

A little loud but great lights I NEVER leave reviews but this is well deserved!I bought this for my 2018 Honda Civic EX. At first I was disappointed because i thought it didn’t fit my car but then after extensive research on YouTube, I found out that i was trying to fit it in the high beam instead of low beam. It was my first time installing headlights so bear with me! But when I went to install them where they went they fit perfectly. My car looks beautiful and I’m super happy with this buy. Only complaint is…

Anonymous says:

… must have The difference between night and day I love it H 11 Is what you need For the … LED lights fits the My 2017 Tacoma It’s a must have The difference between night and day I love it H 11 Is what you need For the high beams and low Beams just buy Two sets And your good It takes about 15 minutes to installJust plug and play One thing on the driver side You had to work the Light a little to get it Fit in the housing Don’t try to force it just keep moving it in different positions And finally it will slide Right into place all is good just remember to take your time and don’t…

Anonymous says:

Bright! A few minor issues. Installed in 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe. Extremely bright and great improvement over stock bulbs. Plug and Play, just as advertised. Pain in the rear to install, but this is due to the vehicle design, not the lights. Overall happy, but 3 complaints.1. The fans on the bulbs for cooling are loud. When you exit the vehicle and the headlights stay on for a period, the sound is noticeable. Almost sounds like the electric fans on the radiator are running. They run any time the lights are…

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