ASLAM 3 Black Pair for Front Windshield Type-G 26″+16″ Wiper Blades:All-Season Blade for Original Equipment Refills Replaceable,Double Service Life(Set of 2), 2 Pack

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ASLAM wiper blades are designed to withstand all-weather tough.Whatever the extreme weather comes your way,our wipers will provide optimal visibility.
ASLAM wiper blades aim to provide smooth,streak-free operation.If you are not completely satisfied with our products,please feel free to contact us and we will make it right for you.

Arm types covered:
ASLAM wiper Type G will work with both small & large J/U-hook wiper arms.

Suggestions and tips:
·Do not wait to replace the worn and damaged wipers until bad weather hits or visibility is so deteriorated that safety is compromised.
·A regular inspection schedule will help avoid potentially dangerous situations.Please replace the windshield wipers at least every 6 months.
·While washing your car,clean the windshield and rubber wiping element to remove road grime and other deposits that can impair wiper operation.
·Do not use windshield wipers as ice scrapers.Use an ice scraper as much as possible when deicing vehicles.Allow plenty of time to warm up the vehicle with the defroster on “high”to loosen as much ice and snow as possible.

What’s in the package:
1 pair of front windscreen wipers
1 pair of refills for the wiper

Kindly reminder:If there is any issue with our product,please let us know.
You can send your problem timely to us by email and we will do our best to resolve it.Thanks a lot.

Product Features

  • 【Presenting an Extra Pair of Refills】:1 pair of windshield wiper blades and an extra pair of refills for our wipers,the Type-G blades fit the U/J hook(9*3 & 9*4) wiper arms.
  • 【0 Streak Wiping】:Galvanized single steel sheet enhances the down-force accuracy by 50%,giving you an optimal windshield contact,without leaving any gaps while the wiper working.
  • 【Stay Firmly in Place】:Zinc alloy pedestal provides you an excellent stability,the same with the aerodynamic wind spoiler.Preventing the blade lift-off when in a high speed.
  • 【Minimum Audible Noise and a Longer Life】:Graphite-treated natural rubber to help reduce noise and friction as much as possible,the mixed material spoiler ensures a longer life.
  • 【You Deserve to Have the Better Ones】:Easy and quick installation,install in seconds.All weather performance and guaranteed for 6 months.


Anonymous says:

Work great on my girlfriend’s car. Installed these on a 2009 Fusion and they work perfectly. No streaks or noise. The included replacement refills are a dedinite plus.Since winter is setting in, we will see how they do in snow, sleet and freezing rain. Will update later on how they hold up.

Anonymous says:

Cheap and Great! Refills are included. They wipe great, and refills are included. Your local auto store would like you to believe once the rubber wears out they are trash. Easily swapped in a few minutes, nothing to trouble you.Did you forget you are paying $35 at your local auto store for rebranded ones?

Anonymous says:

Pretty good! They work well on my 2007 Ranger. No streaks, no squeaks, and I like that they came with a second set of blades (just the rubber part). Not sure how difficult it will be to switch the rubber blades when the time comes, though, and the included instructions were basic at best (just what’s printed on the box) – deducting a star for the poor instructions.

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