Autobots Shockwave Jump Starter | Best Portable Car Battery Booster with Smart Jumper Cables | 600 Peak Amp 18000 mAh 12 V Automotive Jump Box Power Pack & Mobile Super Charger Kit

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Now you never have to worry about a dead or weak car battery ever again! With the Autobots Shockwave Smart Battery Jump Starter, you will always have a backup power source to effortlessly fire up your vehicle’s engine!

This jumper features a super powerful 600 peak Amp 12 volt high capacity lithium-ion battery capable of easily firing up 6.5L gas and 5.0L diesel engines. It also doubles as a power bank to charge all your mobile devices and has a built-in super bright LED flashlight.

We packed a ton of features into this device to make it the best performing jump starter on the market:

Powerful Performance: Jumps up to 30 times on a single charge!Smart Jumper Cable Protection: Protects you against potentially hazardous situations like reverse charging, short circuits, over temperature, over current, over charge, over discharge, reverse connection, and reverse polarity!High Capacity Mobile Powerbank: Powers and rapidly charges your mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, cameras, and laptops!

This is a complete power kit that comes with everything you need to stay energized on the go:

High Capacity Jump Starter/Power BankSmart Jumper CablesHeavy Duty Carrying CaseMulti-Function Lightning, Micro USB, & USB-CableVariety Of DC Power ConvertersDC & AC Charging Cables

Autobots is well known for producing high quality automotive accessories that are durable, accurate, and easy to use!

Every purchase is backed by our world-class customer service and 1-year unlimited warranty. If you ever have an issue with your purchase, simply reach out and we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right. 🙂 

Special launch pricing is only available for a limited time, so click “Add To Cart” and order your Smart Battery Charger, today!

Product Features

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE IN A SMALL, COMPACT SIZE: Contains high capacitor lithium ion batteries to provide your cars and vehicles with the extra jump needed to get the starters going! It’s a versatile device that jumps your vehicles, powers your mobile devices, and provides emergency lighting when you need it most! Over 30 jumps on a single charge for 6.5L Gas and 5.0L Diesel engines!
  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM TO FIRE UP YOUR ENGINE: Just turn on the device, connect the smart clamps (with automatic, jumpsmart safety features), and available volt energy will trickle to your battery like a lightning bolt! We guarantee you will love this far more than any other chargers or jumpers on the market!
  • DOUBLES AS A PORTABLE POWER BANK TO QUICK CHARGE ALL YOUR MOBILE DEVICES: With Dual USB ports (cable included) and direct DC output, this heavy duty backup battery is capable of rapidly charging your iphone, Android phone, other cell phones, tablets, cameras, gaming devices, and even laptops!
  • AN ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR ANY ROAD SIDE EMERGENCY: Built in LED plus SOS feature shines bright when operating at night so others are aware of your presence. This complete, all-in-one kit comes with a carry case, and all the adapter packs and cable types you need to recharge at home or in through the cigarette lighter!
  • BACKED BY OUR AAA (Autobots Automated Auto-Protection) 1-YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY: This is the perfect, ultrasafe jumpstarter to jumpstart any motorcycle, suv, truck, marine, boat, or diesel vehicle in need of extra baterry power. If you ever have an issue, simply reach out to our world class customer service team and we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right!


Anonymous says:

Highly recommend this powerful but small jump box! I try to be prepared for emergencies and I am so glad I was this time! I have an autistic 5 yr old and after a day at school he just wanted to go home, I had to run to the store first. So loading up to leave the store my jeep wouldnt start! It’s crazy hot, 330pm, midwest summer… Roadside assistance takes forever but I remembered I had just charged my little jump starter! It took a minute to figure out, because of course the directions are at home, but I got it. I am so impressed with the…

Anonymous says:

Powerful in little package!! The first thing I noticed was the size. I thought it would be bigger and heavier. I had doubts that such a small compact thing would jump start a car. I wanted to get a portable jump start kit for my husband who works almost two hours away. There is nothing worse that being stranded far from home. The first thing I tried was charging my phone. The unit already had battery power for me to do this. It charged my phone fast. I also tested the flashlight and it was bright enough to light up the…

Anonymous says:

Never worry about a dead battery again I’m seriously impressed by this little box. Some years ago I had a portable battery charger and it weighed a ton, and took up a lot of leg room. This little thing fits right under my seat! What’s even more amazing is that it actually has more power than that dinosaur I used to carry around, I’ve already had to use it twice and I’m still at 80% life! It’s fast too, no lugging out the jumper cables, find someone else who was smart enough to not leave their head lights on, having them park close…

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