Battery Tender 021-0134 10-Bank 12V Battery Management System

September 12, 2019 - Comment
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The Battery Tender 10-Bank charger is a top-of-the-line 12 volt 2.0 amp per circuit charger, perfect for automotive, motorcycle and marine repair and maintainence shops. The 10-Bank uses micro-processor technology in a four-stage charging profile to charge, improve, and float the battery so it is ready when you are. Constant current charging and regulated voltage patterns allow the battery to be recharged fully and safely without the fear of overcharging. The lights above each station indicate the stage of charge so there is no guesswork in the shop. The 10-Bank BatteryTender is used in battery rotation, when a battery is removed from service during repair or in preparing batteries for sale.

Product Features

  • Simultaneously charges and/or maintains up to 10 12-volt batteries, providing 12 volts/2 amps per charging bank
  • Includes six foot lead with aligator clamps and a 3-year warranty; DC Output Accessory Length: 7 ft
  • Complete 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode) that maintains batteries at full charge without overcharging via its 4-step charging system
  • Spark-free design via microchip circuitry that will not activate output voltage until clips are correctly connected to battery
  • Reverse polarity protection and a built-in 72-hour safety timer ensures batteries attain float mode status


Anonymous says:

Junk with Extremely Poor Customer Service Do not buy this piece of crap.I have two. One still works at one year, the other does not. Customer support in FL is hostile with an attitude. Probably because they get so many of these back. They do not replace these, they ‘repair’ them. So I have to ship it back at my own expense and they’ll return it in a week or so.I also own a solid one charge system – that has a 10 year warranty, because the manufacturer knows these are crap – it is cheaper and much better to buy two…

Anonymous says:

The mounting system is great to have it mounted to the wall of the … I just got this and mounted it in my trailer that holds my two motorcycles. I can leave the, plugged in over the winter and not have to worry about starting them up and running them to keep the batteries charged for spring time. The mounting system is great to have it mounted to the wall of the trailer for easy access and storage. I am very happy with my purchase. Also it’s nice to see different indicator lights for the different bikes. The charger came with two quick connect units that go on…

Anonymous says:

$90 for 2 chargers (one charger with 2 banks) isn’t horrible, but I have learned my lesson Bought this charger 2 years and 2 months ago. It has a 2 year warranty. One of the 2 charging banks went kablooey and no longer charges. Both the indicator lights for the bank flash at the same time (green telling me it is >80% charged and yellow telling me there is a connection issue). The motorcycle that was hooked up to it had drained enough that it wouldn’t kick over the starter. $90 for 2 chargers (one charger with 2 banks) isn’t horrible, but I have learned my lesson, I will now…

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