Battery Tender 022-0197 8V 1.25 High Efficiency Battery Charger

February 12, 2017 - Comment
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Battery Tender Junior 8V 1.25Amp High Efficiency Battery Charger

Product Features

  • 8V
  • 1.25Amps
  • Fully Charge and Maintain your battery
  • Automatic Battery Charger


FamilyBy7 says:

Works for quads Perfect, I got this charger as a replacement charger that I lost for my twin toddlers quads and it works perfect. The quads i got at walmart and no one could tell me where to buy the replacement charger but I found it here and it works great. Of course i later found the missing charger so now I have 2 chargers for the quads.

Henry O says:

not good buy does not charge up to required voltage. Complained to manufacturer and no positive result. Then I found out my 6-12 volt charger from Harbour Freight will charge 8 volt battery in 6 volt setting at only 2/3 price.

Bob Zimmerman says:

The benefit is faster cranking and better startups with the 2 extra volts I have a mid 50’s Ford tractor with an eight volt battery that replaces the original 6 volt. The benefit is faster cranking and better startups with the 2 extra volts. The tender is designed to fully charge the 8 volt battery when it’s not being used. The charger does that well and maintains the charge throughout the storage period. It met and exceeded my expectations. Very pleased.

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