Beleeb Battery Charger,12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V Voltage and Current Manually Adjusted,Automotive Charger and Maintainer for Car, Golf Cart, Lawn Mower, Marine, Boat, Snowmobile, ATV, RV, SLA AGM GEL CE

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Product Features

  • 【Variable Voltage Battery Charger】There are different voltages between batteries,this charger is designed to work with 12V,24V,36V,48V,60V or 72V battery bank. Please check the voltage and capacity of your batteries before you buy it.Batteries lower than 8V or exceed 200Ah are not applicable,or it will keep tripping out.
  • 【Variable Charging Speed】Select “LOW” “MEDIUM” for normal charge, “HIGH” for fast charge. The nominal theoretical Max current is: 12V-16A, 24V-12A, 36V-10A, 48V-8A, 60V-7A, 72V-6A.Before turing on the power switch,please make sure the current knob is”LOW”.
  • 【Smart Cooling Fan & Volt-ammeter 】Built-in a temperature control fan, it will automatically start to work when the temperature is 104~149°F. Ammeter allows you easily read the charging current. Voltmeter indicates the actual voltage of your batteries.
  • 【Automotive Battery Charger Widely Used】Specially Designed For Series-parallel Connection Batteries.It is ideal for cars trucks golf cart RV marine yacht mower AGM SLA ATV ISS Lead-acid batteries etc. Please remember to choose the “LOW”Rate for Sulfating a DEAD battery.And “H” voltage is for charging a lithium battery or the voltage between 12~24V, 24~36V, 36~48V,48~60V,60~72V.
  • 【Multiple protection & Overload Button】The battery charger is built-in full protection fuse,Over voltage protection,Over current protection. Over voltage protection means the charging voltage and your battery voltage must be the same.For example,24V battery choose 24V and 36V batteries choose 36V.Over current protection means couldn’t use large deep-cycle batteries. For example golf cart battery 6V/225Ah ,6V/200Ah and 6V/240Ah sealed Deep Cycle battery in series can not be charged.


Anonymous says:

Works as advertised. Tested with voltmeter, when the knob is at 12 V , the out put is at 14.2 to 14.4 volts, this is the exact voltage needed to charge automotive battery.Humming noise is negligibleIf manufacturer is reading this review, please add a mechanical lock on the knob. I am not sure what will happen if a 12v battery is charged to 24v setting.It is a super fast charger, within 4 hour my battery was charged to full.Compared to size, it is very lightweight.I very much recommend…

Anonymous says:

Not being a smart charger is a good thing I bought this charger because Our golf cart had lost it charge completely from being left unattended for several months.The smart cart charger would not kick in and do anything to start charging.After setting this device to 48 volts and connecting the charge cables to the appropriate terminals I switched on the new charger. Current began flowing as indicated by the amp gauge.The next day I turned on the key and my six eight volt batteries were charged as…

Anonymous says:

Then I saw it’s face, and now I’m a Beleeb-er. Too long; Didn’t Read: If you know what you need, this may be the right charger for you.The Good: It does, indeed, charge car batteries. It claims to be able to charge lithium car batteries but I haven’t had the need to try that. The amp gauge seems to move accurately and my multimeter shows that the charger is doing what it’s supposed to do.The Bad: It has an overload circuit that is pretty sensitive. If I open a car door, lock from my remote, or do anything that…

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