Bolt Power G33A 12V Car Jump Starter 1500A Peak Battery Booster for Gasoline Engines up to 8L, Diesel Engines up to 6.5L, Dual USB Ports and Type-C Portable Power Pack, Built-In LED Flashlight

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Compact yet Powerful
If you have several vehicles of different sizes, you need a jump starter for the most powerful. There’s no need to worry about delivering too much current for smaller vehicles; the jump starter will only provide what the motor draws from it.

Versatile Design
You might want to consider a small, lithium jump starter even if you’ve already got a big lead-acid one. Lithium models are great for charging your electrical gadgets, and make a very useful addition to your camping gear or RV.

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight
Flashlights are an important part of any kit as they can give light when no other source is available in a manner that’s much safer than exposed candles. After a storm or other disaster strikes, power might be out for hours or even days.

Portable Charger Power Bank
Nowadays we use lots of devices. These devices can be smartphones, tablets, etc that run off a battery and always need a recharge when they’re low on power, the power pack provides a backup battery so that you can charge your devices without worrying about it.

Save Time, Recharge with Type-C
Recharges using USB-C which makes it recharge faster.

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Product Features

  • Designed for gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6.5 liter. Lithium-ion portable jump starter rated at 1500 peak amps, capable to jump start car, boat, truck, tractor, cargo van, SUV, motorcycle, lawn mower, and more. (Cold Cranking Amps: 750A, Peak Current: 1500A)
  • Change the way you charge with USB Type-C input and output. Built-in rechargeable battery pack with dual USB port provides 2 times faster charge for mobile phones, tablets and other 5V USB devices at speeds up to 2.1 amps per port. Quick Charge 3.0 USB port is capable to fast charge Samsung Galaxy S9,S8 and more.
  • The portable jump starter features five advanced safety technologies for its provided jumper clamps. It includes protection from reverse polarity, over-currents, overloads, over-voltages and over-charges.
  • Aside from its accident protection, the G33A car jumper battery pack includes an emergency power light that can be adjusted to solid beam, SOS signaling and strobe modes.
  • Storage temperature from -20 Fahrenheit (°F) to 130 Fahrenheit (°F). It is perfect for vehicle jump starting in all weather conditions. If you are storing the unit in the car, choose a location out of direct sunlight, such as the glovebox or the trunk.


Anonymous says:

Good multipurpose jump-starter & power-bank Pros:- Multipurpose for jump-starting a car, charging phone/tablets/MP3 and some laptop models or electronic devices + LED flashlight.- Compact in side, nice matte finish(non-slippery), it’s about 7″x3″ x 1″thickness (can hold it with 1 hand or carry it in a purse)- Came with a nice matching carrying case & fully pre-charged (i think the blue led light on its side is the battery level indicator)- 2 ways to charge it, via 110 power outlet or 12V cigarette…

Anonymous says:

Started my 6.0 Liter Chevy – But Crapped Out After 6 Months – Warranty Promptly Honored. Replacement Seems Good. I’m impressed. I forgot to turn off the lights in my motorhome. This little battery fired up the 6 Liter chevy right away. I haven’t used it for anything else and probably won’t . It was delivered on Sep 1, 2015 and I charged it the same day. I’m embarrassed to say, I let the motorhome battery go deal twice and have jumped it both times with this little battery. The second time was today 15 Nov, 45 days after the original, and only, charge. Definitely worth the money. I’ll probably buy…

Anonymous says:

A reliable and easy to use jump-starting battery booster Online purchases are often a hit-or-miss situation in terms of quality, in particular with Chinese products and their surging exports. This item was a hit. I purchased the D28U late last year after checking reviews here and from other sources. It is manufactured by the Dongguan Juxing Power Co. of China, and sold here by Tii Trading Inc. < tiiusa[dot]com >, a seller with a high positive feedback from customers. The device received a high rating by Consumer Reports, taking second place…

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