Bosch 0221504470 Original Equipment 0221504470 Ignition Coil 6-PACK

May 17, 2019 - Comment
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Stores the ignition energy, lowers fuel consumption and reduces exhaust emissions for your vehicle. High-performance ignition coils from Bosch ensure a reliable voltage from the start, and more ignition energy so your engine starts and runs smoothly. Long recognized as an industry leader in ignition and fuel systems, Bosch’s quality, innovation, and experience are the foundation of the entire line of engine management components. Coil Type – Pencil Coil

Product Features

  • High voltage boot is molded to the coil and easily disengages from the spark plug
  • Silicone over mold offers better insulation and less corrosion
  • Delivers high voltage surge to the distributor
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications and excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection


Anonymous says:

Unreliable poor quality. Applications in error. For some reason Bosch hasn’t updated the aftermarket application database so Amazon (and everywhere else that uses the same database) says this part doesn’t fit, but that is an error as it was in fact supplied OEM to Mini in my wife’s 2013 R59 Mini. Apparently Bosch’s quality control is not what it used to be as there are thousands of unhappy Mini owners that have had failures and at only 23K miles on my wife’s car. The bad news is if one fails you might as well change all of them if you want…

Anonymous says:

HEADS UP!!! Do some extra research before you purchase. Quality part but as always you can not rely on Amazon “fit” recommendations on ANY part 100%. Amazon is correct most of the time but take the time to double check EVERY part you order from amazon. Excluding the obvious wiper blades, oil/air filters and such. This coil DOES FIT A 2005 BMW Z4 even though Amazon disagrees. I purchased one of these over a year ago as only one cylinder was misfiring. Worked perfect and the job was completed in a flash. At that time Amazons fitment suggested the…

Anonymous says:

Amazon might show that the part fits but notice there is fine print underneath saying “From 04/2006” For 2006 Bimmers (325, 330, 525, 530, Z4), Amazon might show that the part fits but notice there is fine print underneath saying “From 04/2006”. Look inside your front driver side door for the BMW sticker to find your manufacture date. Based on 325xi, cars built through 03/2006 will use 0221504465 Bosch ignition coil. Cars built after that will use 0221504470. Hope this saves you some time as I wish I would have known to check that first! There is a thin plastic tab below the…

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