Bosch BE929 Blue Disc Brake Pad Set

April 23, 2019 - Comment
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Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads were created for the everyday driver, and offers the same testing and engineering process as our premium braking line. Bosch Blue offers revolutionary engineering and advanced friction formulations for quiet and clean performance.

Product Features

  • Advanced platform specific friction material formulations (NAO-Ceramic and semi-metallic formulas) for optimal performance
  • Superior noise dampening provided by OE-style multi-layer shims
  • Rust inhibitive coating prevents rust
  • Synthetic lubricant included in all applications; this helps reduce resistance on sliding contact points
  • Slots and chamfers match OE design for quick and easy installation


Anonymous says:

Amazing Cost Savings! Easy Install..Quality brake pads..Went 61,500 miles on OEM set, which I believe are also BOSCH..And there was about 4mm left on the front pads, 7mm on the rears..IDK if any Passat models have an electronic brake wear sensor, which is what I assume the cable/connector is for..But I just snipped it offright at the brake pad…The original pads had no such connector..The guide pins and attachment bolts are the same piece..similar to a shoulder bolt, except with…

Anonymous says:

They worked. But I had to do lots of work to them to use them. I usually have really good luck with Bosch parts which is why I chose these pads over others for my ’99 Dakota 4WD. This set came with hardware and a small packet of synthetic grease which was nice. Removing the pads from the box, they were pretty beat up. I had to repaint the backing to prevent rust.Installtion wasn’t great either. The pads are stamped steel and the area where they contact the steering knuckle wasn’t square to the face of the pads. That meant that as the pads…

Anonymous says:

Unending brake dust and squealing! I wanted to wait till I broke in the brakes before I left an honest review. I installed the brakes myself, as I do with both my vehicles. I am experienced in knowing how to properly install brakes and putting on proper lubrication and even changing my rotors out as well. That being said, these brakes have not stopped squealing since I installed them on my 2016 VW Passat. I broke them in and thought they would stop after the first 100 miles or so. Nope, they still squeal very loud, and they…

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