Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5520WS (Lexus, Pontiac, Scion, Toyota)

May 17, 2019 - Comment
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Dirty air filters can cause decreased fuel mileage, increased engine wear, and even problems starting the engine. Check your engine air filter at every oil change and always replace a dirty filter with a high-quality Bosch product.

Product Features

  • Protects your engine by stopping 98% of engine-threatening particles
  • Prevention of unfiltered air entering engine intake with a high-quality seal
  • Engineered with high-quality materials for flawless operation over the entire service life of the filter


Anonymous says:

Raw power This filter unleashed the raw fury of my hybrid Saturn vue. The unbridled race-inspired white knuckle driving experience is enhanced beyond words.Ok… So maybe it just fit and works and my fuel economy is where it should be etc but a man can dream.

Anonymous says:

good value, good filter Mine fit neatly in my 2012 Dodge Journey. Obviously flows much better than the old filter and still good after 5000 miles. Construction appears good, and the two layer element keeps most everything out of the cabin, especially gravel dust.I purchased my filter at the same time frame as the individual who had poor luck fitting it in a Jeep Compass. Sometimes leaves, pine needles or even a mouse nest can get stuck on the dirty side of the filter. When you remove the old filter the…

Anonymous says:

Doesn’t fit Prius 2016 Doesn’t fit my 2016 Prius, even though the configurator says it does. This is the second MFG I’ve tried, same problem. The cabin filter for my 2016 Prius inserts into a plastic tray that holds the filter in place and when the tray is inserted into the slot, it holds the filter up against the intake. The tray has to be used, no way around that.The filter has the correct dimensions, but the pleated edge is supposed to be the short side, the fabric rub strips are supposed to be on the…

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