Camoo For Caterpillar J 42083 Automatic Timing Pin & 9U-7227 Injector Height Adjustment Gauge Tool & Engine Barring Socket Fits CAT 3406E, C-15 and C-16

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1. The J 42083 Automatic Timing Lock turns two person task of finding Top Center Compression Position for the number 1 piston
(the starting point for all fuel timing and valve clearance procedures)
into a simple quick one person procedure.
2.Time saver! Increase speed and efficiency. Takes less time to turn the engine over.

Injector Height Adjustment Tool is Easy & Convenient to use
Just put our Injector Height Tool on the injector, then you will get exactly 78 mm height on the injector!

J42083 Caterpillar Timing Lock Pin Instructions
1. Remove the plug from either the left or right side timing access holes.
2. To install, hand tighten the J42083 Automatic Timing Pin Lock into the timing access hole.
3. Preload the spring on the automatic timing lock by pushing the slide handle forward and turn it clockwise to engage either of the two locking slots.
4. Manually, turn engine in direction of rotation(usually counter clockwise..refer to Caterpillar Service Manual) until a notice “click” sound is heard. The automatic timing pin plunger has now engaged the flywheel timing holes in either the top center compression or exhaust stroke.
5. To remove, turn slide handle counter clockwise to release spring tension on the plunger(if plunger doesn’t retract from flywheel with light pressure, jog the flywheel back and forth). Unscrew from flywheel housing.

Engine Barring Socket Instructions
1. Insert the tool into the flywheel housing until it engages the ring gear
2. Then attach a 1/2-Inch square drive ratchet or breaker bar and turn.

Package includes:
1 Automatic Timing Pin
1 X Engine Barring Socket
1 X Injector Height Adjustment Tool-Red

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Product Features

  • APPLICATION — Tools set for Caterpillar 3406E, C-15 and C-16. ①And J-42083 Timing Pin can be used on C-7, C-9, C-11, C-13, C-15, C-16 3179, 3196, 3200, 3300 and 3400 (*Most Caterpillar Engine*). ②9U-7227 Injector Height Gauge for CAT 3406E, C-15 and C-16. ③Engine Barring Socket for CAT 3200/3406 Series C13/C15/C16 /3208/3400/3406e/3508/3512/3500.
  • MATERIAL — Durable steel for Timing Pin and Engine Barring Socket. Aluminum Alloy construction with extreme anti-wear property for Injector Height Gauge Tool.
  • A MUST HAVE — Alternative to Caterpillar J 42083, 9S9082 and 9U-7227.Injector height should be properly maintained if maximum performance and economy are to be obtained.
  • FUNCTION — Great hand tool for turning over engine, Simplifies TDC valve/injection timing, makes adjusting injectors and valve lash easier. Accurately adjust the Injector Height of the engine.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE — If you are not satisfied with Camoo products, simply asked money back guarantee with 12 months warranty. No worry about buying!


Anonymous says:

Great value Product is of good quality and nearly identical to the ones you would get directly from the manufacturer. Thanks for a good product at a fair price!

Anonymous says:

Works on Cat C13 High quality tool. Worked perfectly during C13 inframe.

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Pretty good. As described.

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