Car Covers Waterproof,Car Covers 6 Layers Universal Outdoor Protection for Full Hatchback Cover with Zipper A7-2L+(Fits Hatchback up to 177″)

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Autsop can give your car better protection in any weather and season.

4 Reasons for Choosing Our Car Cover.★★★★

1.All-Around Protection:
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.Protects for your vehicle from harmful UV rays,dirt, dust, industrial pollutants,tree sap and bird droppings.
★2.Six layers material protection:

Layer Non-woven:
Protective coating;

Layer PE:
Waterproof material,which protect against heavy rain and water;

Layer EVA:
Dust-proof material,which protect against dust and dirt;

Layer PE:
Waterproof material,which protect against heavy rain and water;

Layer Aluminium Film:
Reflected light,Sun-proof and Anti-UV;

Layer Cotton:
The soft fabric of the car cover won’t scratch the surface of your car.

★3.Windproof design:
Windproof Buckle:Autsop car cover with windproof buckle, which protects the car cover from blowing off in heavy wind; Real helpful in the snow-storm weather.

Carrying bag included.

Packing includes

1 x Full Car Cover

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Windproof Buckle

Autsop Car Cover Size Chart:

A0-3M: Fits 170″ around

A1-3L: Fits 171″ to 180″

A2-3XL: Fits 181″ to 190″

A3-3XXL: Fits 191″ to 210″

A4-YM: Fits 177″ around

A8-YM+: Fits 178″ to 187″

A5-YL: Fits 187″ to 192″

A6-YXL: Fits 193″ to 200″

A7-2L+: Fits 177″ around

Please note that A0 to A3 fits for sedan, and A4 to A6 fits for SUV/Jeep, while A7 fits for Hatchback.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem,we will reply within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • 【Excellent Material】6 Layers:First Layer Non-woven:Protective coating. Second Layer PE:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Third Layer EVA:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Fourth Layer PE:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Fifth Layer Aluminium film:Sun-proof and Anti-UV. Sixth Layer Cotton:Protect car paint.
  • 【All-Weather Protection】Autsop car cover is prefect for all weathers and seasons.Car cover can achieve the effort of Waterproof,Windproof,Snow-proof,and protect your vehicle from odirt, UV pollutants.
  • 【Advantage】A.Zipper Closure:Convenient to get out things;B.Straps At Front&Rear:Windproof;C.Silver coating:UV protection and heat-proof;D.3 Fluorescent Light Strips:Protect your car at night;E.Mirror Pocket.
  • 【Model Chioce】Eight sizes and models for you to choose;A0, A1, A2, A3 For Sedan Cover,A4, A5, A6, A8 For SUV/Jeep Cover,A7 For Hatchback Cover.
  • 【Note & Service】1 piece car cover in a carring bag.Please confirm your car size before ordering!Please contact us firstly when you have any problems.We hereby declare that if the product has quality problems,we will 100% refund.


Anonymous says:

got satisfied. it fits my car well though a little bit big…. but still satisfied with it. And I really like the smart design near the door which makes it convenient to”in case”. I couldn’t drive car often cuz of some reasons recently. Happy that my car got a new coat. ^^

Anonymous says:

Fits 2014 Lexus ES300H My first car cover and I chose this one because of price. My uses do not require a expensive car cover. Basically, I want to protect my car from pine straw, leaves, pollen and rain. The cover will be put on & off frequently. This one is light and easy to put on/take off. If it lasts a couple of years I’ll be happy. Those looking for protection from falling limbs, cones, hail, should look elsewhere. I don’t think this is thick enough to provide much protection. .

Anonymous says:

A1-3L Size Perfect for 2006 BMW 325Ci Convertible (E46) I’m very impressed with the fit and finish of this car cover. The A1-3L size (174” to 181”) fits my BMW (176” length) like a glove. The cover is very soft on the inside and the outside is water repellant. I like the shiny silver fabric on the outside because it helps keep the interior temperature of my car lower when parked in the hot sun. I had a thick fabric cover before and my car would get very hot when left covered in the sun. I also like the side view mirror pockets—a very important…

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