Car Covers Waterproof,SUV Car Covers for 6 Layers All Weather Outdoor Snow UV Protection with Zipper A6-YXL(Fits SUV 193″ to 200″)

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Autsop can give your car better protection in any weather and season.

4 Reasons for Choosing Our Car Cover.

1.All-Around Protection:Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.Protects for your vehicle from harmful UV rays,dirt, dust, industrial pollutants,tree sap and bird droppings.

2.Six layers material protection:

Layer EVA:Completely blocks UV rays from sun that damage vehicle surface and interior;

Layer PE:Waterproof material,which protect against heavy rain and water;

Layer Aluminium Film:Silver surface is high temperature resistant with reflecting high-sensitivity performance in hot summer;

Layer Cotton:The soft fabric of the car cover won’t scratch the surface of your car.

3.Windproof design:Windproof Buckle:Autsop car cover with windproof buckle, which protects the car cover from blowing off in heavy wind; Real helpful in the snow-storm weather.

4.Portable:Carrying bag included.

Packing includes
1 x Full Car Cover
1 x Storage Bag

Autsop Car Cover Size Chart:

A0-3M: Fits 170″ around

A1-3L: Fits 171″ to 180″

A2-3XL: Fits 181″ to 190″

A3-3XXL: Fits 191″ to 210″

A4-YM: Fits 177″ around

A8-YM+: Fits 178″ to 187″

A5-YL: Fits 187″ to 192″

A6-YXL: Fits 193″ to 200″

A7-2L+: Fits 177″ around

Notice: Please note that A0 to A3 fits for sedan, and A4 to A6 fits for SUV/Jeep, while A7 fits for Hatchback.

Installation Steps of the Automobiles Outdoor Car Covers

Step1:Cover The Mirror Pocket;

Step 2:Cover the front part of the car;

Step 3:Cover the rear part of the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem,we will reply within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • 【Excellent Material】Six layers;Layer PE&EVA:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof;Layer Aluminium film: Sunproof and Anti-UV;Layer Cotton:Protect car paint.
  • 【All-Weather Protection】Autsop car cover is prefect for all weathers and seasons.Car cover can achieve the effort of Waterproof,Windproof,Snow-proof,and protect your vehicle from odirt, UV pollutants.
  • 【Advantage】A.Zipper Closure:Convenient to get out things;B.Straps At Front&Rear:Windproof;C.Silver coating:UV protection and heat-proof;D.3 Fluorescent Light Strips:Protect your car at night;E.Mirror Pocket.
  • 【Model Chioce】Eight sizes and models for you to choose;A0, A1, A2, A3 For Sedan Cover,A4, A5, A6, A8 For SUV/Jeep Cover,A7 For Hatchback Cover.
  • 【Note & Service】1 piece car cover in a carring bag.Please confirm your car size before ordering!Please contact us firstly when you have any problems.We hereby declare that if the product has quality problems,we will 100% refund.


Anonymous says:

Better than expected! I have to be prepared for the Texas heat in summer that’s why I bought this car cover.I am impressed with the quality of the material for being sturdy.My older one was kind of stretchy so I ended up tearing it away but this one stays in tact I like the idea of having the strap and the reflector too.It is nicer than expected. It fit my car well. Also it has clips so I can make sure the wind doesnt blow the cover off. It also has zippers so you can get into your car doors without taking the cover…

Anonymous says:

It’s a good dress for my car. If you want to maintain the quality of car paint, this hood is worth investing. If you park your car on the street, these materials usually have some reflections to attract another car. In addition, there are reflective bands on each limb. And the mirror part of the lid. It fits my small four-door car very well.The overall construction quality of the cover is first-class, but I have a very small problem with the product. It has faster clips on the front and back of the lid,…

Anonymous says:

A1-3L Size Perfect for 2006 BMW 325Ci Convertible (E46) I’m very impressed with the fit and finish of this car cover. The A1-3L size (174” to 181”) fits my BMW (176” length) like a glove. The cover is very soft on the inside and the outside is water repellant. I like the shiny silver fabric on the outside because it helps keep the interior temperature of my car lower when parked in the hot sun. I had a thick fabric cover before and my car would get very hot when left covered in the sun. I also like the side view mirror pockets—a very important…

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