Car Led Strip Lights by Autokraze | 4 Piece Underdash Music Strips | RGB Interior Light Kit w Easy to Install App from Iphone or Android Devices | Durable Multi-Color Neon Glow Leds

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AutoKraze Car Interior LED Light Strips

Our car music led light stands above comparable devices on the market today because the AutoKraze interior underdash lighting kit comes with Bluetooth technology which enables the following:

No need for remotes that are very likely to get lost.

Wireless connection to your phone

Easy control through the app

Change color and flashing pattern instantly

Ability to sync with your music

Advantages Of Using Our Led Underdash Lighting Kits

Easy to install and use

Variety of colors, flashing patterns and flashing speeds available.

Wireless connection to your phone

Long lasting lights to suit your mood

Compatible with all kinds of vehicles

Inexpensively levels up your car’s interior

Under Dash LED Strip Lights





This device doesn’t simply light up the space under your dashboard, our car interior led strip lights also add personality to your vehicle by matching your mood and preference.

Figure out why most car owners choose our line of products. Click Add To Cart to purchase our AutoKraze music car lights and level up your vehicle.

Product Features

  • ADJUST AND MATCH WITH YOUR MOOD- Travel in style with these adjustable under dash led lights which can be used on anything from cars and trucks to snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and motorcycles. Included in our car interior underdash lighting kit are 4 strips of multi-color LED lights: choose the color that you prefer or set the flashing pattern and speed that you want to suit your current mood.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND SIMPLE TO USE- Our car interior led strip lights are very easy to install: the adhesive behind each strip of LED light secures it in place, then simply plug it in and it’s ready to go. Switch on with a push of a button connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. The app used to control this bluetooth underdash lighting kit can be found on GooglePlay or the App Store via your phone.
  • SYNCS WITH YOUR MUSIC- Aside from changing colors and flashing lights, our led strip lights for cars can also sync with the music you are playing. The app, which you can easily install by scanning the QR code or searching for it in the App Store or GooglePlay, can be used to control the music you want to play. Watch as the multi-color led strip lights sync and flash with the corresponding beat of your music.
  • QUALITY ASSURED- To make sure you get the best from your purchase, we ensure that our car music lights are durable and in good working condition. Cafted from high quality and durable materials even down to the PVC rubber used for the strips. They also go through a meticulous quality check process to ensure that each LED interior underdash lighting kit is faultless.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY KIND OF VEHICLE- Level up your truck, sedan, SUV or any vehicle you own, with a bluetooth car led light strip. This underdash lighting kit will certainly improve your mood and let you better enjoy your kind of music. The adhesive strips easily attach to the surface of your underdash and it connects to your car via the cigarette lighter port.


Anonymous says:

Good, but app won’t work on older designs Would be great, but app won’t run on old android system.

Anonymous says:

Super simple to install and user friendly Really impressed with the quality of the product. Super simple to install and user friendly.

Anonymous says:

Bluetooth do not connect!!!! I received my car led strip lights however the Bluetooth does not work. I cannot get the damn thing to connect. It would be nice if it would just connect. Don’t waste your money. Oh not to mention the lights stop working after one day of use. They were pretty while plugged in but they only lasted one day. The product was very cheaply manufacturered. And one of the light sticks was missing the glue strip.

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