Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning. Soap, Wax, Tire Shine, Trim Restorer, Wash Mitt, Applicator, Microfiber Towel, Best Value to care for truck. TriNova.

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A complete car detailing kit to transform your ride from shabby to shiny and keep it that way. Includes Bestselling TriNova products: Tire Shine, Carnauba Wax, Trim Restorer, Car Shampoo and our all-new Interior Detailer. Also included: Microfiber Wash Mitt, Two Tire Shine Applicators, One foam trim restorer applicator, one wax applicator pad, one plush microfiber polishing towel, two standard microfiber cleaning cloths.

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – Use the products trusted by enthusiasts and detailers nationwide. TriNova products are formulated by specialists with years of industry experience to be the best.
  • ACCESSORIES – The products won’t perform their best with improper application. Microfiber towels and pads, sponges, a wash mitt and patented rubber grip applicators allow you to get the job done right. Works on any automobile from top to bottom special formula gives high crystal reflection for quality beauty performance.
  • WHOLE CAR – Take care of your paint, wheels, interior, exterior, trim, chrome, glass, and more with our best in class products designed for enthusiasts by professionals.
  • VALUE – Even though TriNova is a premium brand, we want everyone to have access to our best-in-class formulas. We developed this kit for maximum impact on looks and minimum impact on the wallet. Purchased individually the items in our Kit would cost over $100! Classic carwash essential provides only the best.
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Dennis H. says:

This stuff is my new go to! Ok, so I bought the Trim Restorer, because nothing I used prior, worked as well, as I had hoped. I was and am very pleased with the product, so much, that I bought this bundle pack! Today, I had some time on my hands and decided to detail my own vehicle. I am so excited to say, that every thing in this kit was used and worked great! This will be my new go to. The tire shine works wonderful! The was went on easy and came off very easy, with very little dust! The interior detail spray was my…

Skippy says:

Came across the brand by mistake, but glad I did! I came across the Trim restorer by accident, but I am glad I found it. I have tried almost every OTC product and a couple of boutique brands, this one really works. Now, none will take your trim back to original but this ones does a great job. I did the trim on my wife’s escape before a 600 mile trip 6 weeks ago. It has been 2 washings, 6 storms and sitting in the parking lot at work in the elements since then and it’s time for another coat. But honestly it still don’t look that bad, I’m just…

Andrew Heuertz says:

AMAZING!!!!! I had used the TriNova tire shine before with awesome results, so when I saw this kit I knew I would be getting great value with everything included and I wasn’t disappointed. 

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