Carrand 93019 Final Touch Vent, Dash, and Crevice Detail Brush Set

August 6, 2018 - Comment
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For 30 years Carrand has pioneered automotive cleaning with innovation, quality, and value to help our customers maintain their vehicles’ “showroom new” appearance inside and out. Carrand’s body brush has soft bristles to clean wheels, bumpers, and body and features a comfort molded handle.

Product Features

  • Kit brushes include soft nylon, tough brass, and stainless steel
  • Soft nylon brush for hard to reach areas
  • Tough brass brush for cleaning rust, spark plugs, and batteries
  • Stainless steel brush for body and bumper rust
  • Preferred by car collectors and professional detailers


Amazon Frequent Buyer says:

Not worth the time I don’t know why I didn’t check the reviews first. I was expecting this product to work well but there are some issues with this item – the tan round brush has brush hairs that fall off continually when using it. The black wide brush– barely began using it and all the hairs came out. I guess it was either a) Not make well, b) not enough glue to keep it in place. Over all it looks and has a cheap feel.

Dreamy's Professor says:

JUNK DON’T waste your time and money on this. Not even amateur detailers — it makes more work than its worth. The “velvet” comes off on the plastic of the heater vents it’s supposed to clean. The brushes (both white and black bristled) shed like mad. If I’d have completed brushing the headliner of the truck I was working on, the brushes would have been bare of bristles–as they were all sticking in the material of the headliner. Just awful –The good news is the company was awesome and…

Arthur Schwartz says:

Wow… This truly is an absolutely abysmal product. The black brush broke within two minutes of very light usage. Before it broke, the bristles kept falling out, making my attempt at detailing redundant as I had to go back and individually remove these bristles, one by one, since they fell out and flew all over the place. On top of that, the bristles seem to be dyed black. I say this because the second they came in contact with a very light detergent, the color transferred to the surface I was working…

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