Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management System 92-1633

December 9, 2018 - Comment
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Nearly every fuel-injected motorcycle can benefit from the installation of the Fi2000R Better throttle response, no backfiring, and smoother cruising are just a few of the areas improved by the Fi2000 When your engine has the proper air/fuel ratio metered to it, it can perform to its potential, run cooler and be a much more satisfying ride Comes preset for your specific model It is also set for your bike equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system This setting will enhance the performance of the entirely stock bike as well If you add a high-flow air filter system, you can quickly adjust your particular model because each comes with detailed instructions for making fine tuning adjustments The Fi2000 increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel ratios (helps cool the engine temperature as well) No confusing computer downloads to install Pre-configured from the factory for your bike and model, but easy to adjust should your specific application need it. Image is for reference only. This part fits the following only: Honda VT1300CS Sabre 10-18 Honda VT1300CX Fury .09-18

Product Features

  • Proven Fi2000R comes with leads that snap directly into the bike’s injector bodies


Anonymous says:

outstanding ! I added cobra pipes to my Honda Fury. It sounded like a sewing machine. Im heard now before I’m seen. Bike ran rich so I added this processor. Wow what a difference. I can now go 162 miles compared to 150 miles . Fuel light came on at 120 miles now at 132 miles.Runs and sounds great ! !

Anonymous says:

Really makes a difference Finally got a few minutes to install and that’s all it took, very easy. Also surprised at the difference it makes, not dramatic but does make the engine more responsive. Used the factory settings too.

Anonymous says:

The stock pipes sound like a kitten and other cars just could not hear … After installing the Cobra slip-ons for my VT1300 Interstate I got the LION growl I was looking for. The stock pipes sound like a kitten and other cars just could not hear me. After 2 close calls I made the purchase. They can hear me now!. You won’t rattle windows with it but who wants your neighbors annoyed at you anyway? The only downside was backfire when I did a hard engine break (down shift). I did not care for that so I purchased the Fi2000 fuel injection module. The install was less than…

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