COFIT Breathable and Non Slip Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover Universal L 15 2/5-16 1/5 Inch – Black

February 16, 2020 - Comment
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This steering wheel cover adds a mixture of style and comfort.

Eco-friendly Material
Heat and cold resistance provides protection for your hands and steering wheel.
Non-slip material increases grip and safety while holding the wheel.
Breathable and soft cover is comfortable to touch.

No tools required. The cover has a tight fit, so a pair of strong hands is necessary.

Product Features

  • Standard Fit: Fits standard size steering wheel which is 15 2/5 to 16 1/5 inch in outside diameter. Please MEASURE your steering wheel before purchasing.
  • Stylish and Decorative: The cover is stylish with good workmanship, improving the appearance of your car interior.
  • Increases Safety: Non-slip material provides a great grip on the steering wheel, increasing your safety while driving.
  • Great Protection: Resistance to heat and cold protects your steering wheel and protects your hands from extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Durable and Eco-friendly: Made of odorless, non-toxic, and durable microfiber leather material.


Anonymous says:

Fits on a 2017 Volt. It was difficult to … Fits on a 2017 Volt. It was difficult to put on as the instructions warn you about but I was able to manage it by myself. I let half of the cover “rest” on the steering wheel overnight by applying it on the steering wheel. This helped the material be a little bendier the next day so I was able to use less pressure to pull the cover down to fit around the bottom. I have a heated steering wheel and it appears that the cover blocks most of the heat from that feature but since it is…

Anonymous says:

Great steering wheel cover!! I really like this steering wheel cover! It’s leatherette, but feels and looks like the real thing. Very nicely stitched and put together. It was a little difficult to get it on… took a lot of pulling and tugging. About 10 to 15 minutes. I tried warming it up with a hair dryer, but that didn’t work that well. If I’d put it in the sun or on a warm dashboard that might’ve helped. Anyway I was able to get it on and it looks and feels fabulous!

Anonymous says:

Full Short Experience If you find this review HELPFUL, tap that HELPFUL buttonIf you want some cheap, good grip and stylish steering wheel then this is for you1.Steering wheel fitFirst of all you need to measure your car’s circle steering wheel. It has to be circle or this will have parts inside that has gaps when installed. If the diameter is in sync with the description the it will fit nicely remember to consider puting a small allowance after measuring.2. GripSince…

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