Custom Accessories Armor All 78845 3-Piece Tan Full Coverage Rubber Floor Mat

July 7, 2019 - Comment
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Armor All season rubber floor mats protect your vehicles interior. Heavy duty rubber with deep tread pattern protects your vehicle from Rain, Snow and mud. Carpet Claw anti-slip cleats keeps your floor mats in place. 2 front mats with full rear runner fits cars, trucks and SUVs. Full coverage protection to enhance your vehicles interior with the brand you can trust.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty Tan rubber floor mats form an impenetrable layer of protection for your vehicle in any climate
  • Universal trim to fit design fits all vehicles
  • Raised heal pad area resists wear and tear from season to season
  • Carpet Claw patent pending technology keeps your front mats in place for safe driving
  • All season floor mats


Anonymous says:

Good Mats that Keep My Car Clean in the Winter! I’m someone who likes to keep my car’s interior as clean as I can, which includes my floor mats. I have the standard black carpet floor mats and I like to keep them clean, which can be hard when salt from outside in the winter gets into the car. I’ve always used plastic floor mats to put on top of my nice carpet mats but the ones I used had an awful plastic smell that never went away, plus they got slippery. I decided to look for different mats and have always had good success with Armor All…

Anonymous says:

Perfect fit These mats are really really great mats!! My boyfriend said not to get them because they would look too bulky but I’m so glad I decided to do it anyways!! I just got a new car and wanted some extra protection and to keep the carpet ones in good condition and these really do the job well. They were very easy to cut, I used some regular kitchen scissors and I only needed to cut the drivers side the others for perfect. I only took one pic but later I will post more of them in the car.

Anonymous says:

Pretty good for $20! Length:: 2:38 Mins Good quality mats for $20 shipped. High quality rubber, big lip on the outside to catch spills, rocks and dirt. Easy to remove/install, carpet catcher isn’t a gimmick, they stay pretty well put when driving around. Won’t slip under your feet. I recommend keeping your original mats underneath so you wont have to worry about this ever slipping.Two complaints:1. Not wide enough for all vehicles, especially the back mats. Wish they were…

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