Custom Coat Panel Prep Surface Cleaner and Degreaser – Giant 18 Ounce Spray Cans – a Great Aerosol Grease and Wax Remover to Eliminate Contaminents Before Painting (Pack of 3)

March 2, 2020 - Comment
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Product Features

  • Custom Coat Panel Prep Surface Cleaner -Aerosol – EXTRA LARGE 18 ounce Spray Can – Effectively removes adhesive residue, wax, grease, road tar, oil, silicone, paint overspray and bug remnants – Leaves no residue
  • Helps eliminate static for improved metallic orientation and reduced dust contamination, Solvent strong in waterborne formula with Exceptional grease-cutting power
  • Multifunctional for primed or painted surfaces, leather, vinyl, plastic, aluminum, and bare metal
  • Removes sanding dust, road debris and most surface contaminents. Great for a final wash prior to painting Flat fan high atomization nozzle offers a large fan pattern and excellent coverage
  • VERSATILE: Foaming Action that lifts contaminents off the surface making them easier to remove. Hangs well on verticle surfaces in eliminating waxes and grease problems.


Anonymous says:

Basically glass cleaner Will clean but its just window cleaner

Anonymous says:

great for pre painting used to get surface free and clean of any oils or dirt prior to painting, helps paint sick for great finish

Anonymous says:

Panel Prep wax and grease remover I really like the custom coat panel prep in the aerosol spray can. it works great!! sprayed on, and wiped off with absolutely no residue left behind on the panel.

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