Dash Cam Pro Car Camera DVR 2.45″ Screen 165 Degree Wide Angle dashboard Vehicle Video Camcorder 1080P HD for Cars, Loop Recording (1 Pack)

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Loop RecordingIt is able to automatically record the seamless video recording. If the memory card has been completely reserved, it will cover the oldest unlocked video clips, in order to keep uninterrupted monitoring. It is possible to set the length of each video clip to 3, 5, or 10 minutes.
Perfect Synthetic Technology:Carrying clearer WDR technical details, the graphics processing technology is adopted to improve and handle the clarity of low-light high-exposure screen, enabling to record clearly in the daytime and at night. HD MIC sound recording is built in.
High Sensitivity Imaging and Night Vision:Night vision belongs to a key indicator for the performance of Dash camera.The Dash camera possesses a 6G all-glass high-resolution lens, F1.8 aperture and high-sensitivity image sensor which are the leading edge in the industry,1080p Dash camera is able to produce much clearer images than your imagination.
Wide Angle Lens:Dash camera adopts 165 °ultra wide-angle full-glass lens to lessen the blind spot, which is able to conduct the real-time monitoring of 3-5 lanes and fulfill accurate and detailed shooting records.
Built-in Wi-Fi:You need to install the phone application as well, simply open and connect the Dash Camera via Wi-Fi to Real-time view vdieo or slow motion playback video.
1.The Memory Card can support a maximum of 32G, while the standard configuration has no memory card. When you use the memory card for the first time, you have to format it with the recorder, so that the record is able to be completely compatible with the format of the new card.
2. You are suggested to select such memory cards as Premium Brands and so on; as to the speed it is recommended to use the class 10.
12V-24V:The working voltage is 12V-24V.

Product Features

  • ●FHD 1080P Video: Entire HD video recording 1920*1080P, which is not only to ensure your safe driving, but also able to catch all the details on the road.
  • ●Wide Angle Night Vision: 165-degree wide-angle night vision vehicle cam, the Sony Super HD lens is adopted, coupled with high-performance processor, to record remarkable high-quality car video.
  • ●Gravity Sensor to Lock the Scene: G-Sensor has a recording function that allows the dash cam to sense a crash in case of emergencies ,then it can automatically save the video file which the dash camera recorder recorded .
  • ●Fashion hidden design: the smaller body to keep hidden in your car is not easy to be found, do not have a large sucker to install, do not worry about falling, do not block the car line of sight, more secure.
  • ●Simple and Safe: vovdogg V003 It only takes one minute to install it . It is able to bear as high temperature as 90 degrees. There is a built-in 2.45-inch screen, which is convenient to replay the caught video.


Jason says:

Great car camera with high resolution If you are working as an uber drive like me, you will need a dash camera for your car, it is necessary since you don’t know what will happen and it’s their words against your words, with the recorded video, you have a proof and solid ground. That’s why I purchased this car dashcam and very satisfied with this high quality camera because the resolution is very clear. It can record up to 3 hours with 32gb memory card, also it’s very easy to set up and the AV cable is long enough. The camera also…

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HLME Reviews - Father, Photographer, Foodie, ... says:

This camera got your back. Product Specs: 

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