DianMan Heavy-Duty Snap Fastener Pliers (Adjustable Setter, 2 Interchangeable Dies) Snap Installation Set Hand Tools for Fastening, Replacing Metal Snaps, Repairing Boat Covers, Canvas (Black)

April 14, 2019 - Comment
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Pacakage list *10set button snap studs
*10pcs screw with phillips head
*10pcs pads for cap
*2 Interchangeable anvils
*2 Rubber O-Ring Gasket More about this tool –Welded Dies directly to a heavy-duty nickel-plated locking pliers, the snap fastener pliers allows you attach snaps without having to remove the item, hammer in the snap, reposition the item,etc. –The Locking Pliers design provides greater leverage than die-and-peg snap tools. –Nickel Plating resists rust and will last much longer than lighter snap pliers only with minimal care. –Adjustable Snap Setter for a tighter or slightly looser snap application.Fits the cap side of the snap. How to use it?
1>Test compressing a snap before starting. Don’t need to test on frabric, just get a feel for the setter tool by creating a snap from the two snap halves. This will makes you familiar with the tool but also allow you to adjust the compression of the tool via the thumb screw adjustment. 2>Use hole punch of the proper size to accommodate your snap size(seriously, don’t skimp on this step) 3> Insert base of snap (male size) through hole in fabric 4> Place top of snap over base of snap ( sandwich the fabric between the two snap halves 5>Place the setter tool over the snap halves in the proper orientation (Note: Make sure the setter tool is loosened by backing out the adjustment thumb screw until you can reasonably compress the snap without having to apply too much pressure). If you can’t squeeze close the setter tool then the thumb screw is in too far … back it out. 6>Tighten the thumb screw and compress the snap a second time. This will give you the tight fit you need for the snap. When installed properly, the snap should not spin if you try to rotate it. After a few tries you should be able to loosen and tighten the setter tool properly without much effort.

Product Features

  • 【Snap Setter Snap Tool】 DianMan modify vice grips to become a button press, helps to major or minor repair of canvas covers, tarps, boat covers, sail covers, bimini tops, tonneau covers or any heavy fabric
  • 【Easy Manipulation】 Now you can attach snaps without having to remove the item, just simply find where you want to add a snap and cut pilot holes, and clamp it in with the canvas(or whatever) still attached
  • 【Strong and Powerful 】 Adjustable pliers design enables greater leverage over die-and-peg snap tools, the vice grip system allows you to get good leverage to crimp the two pieces together.
  • 【Manageable Force】Attach Fasteners Securely – Better than pounding on those installing punches, and stop hurting your hand. 2 interchangeable dies puts both male and female ends on well.
  • 【DianMan After Sale 】We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “90-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure your satisfaction of our snap installation tool. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the it, we will promptly issue a refund.


Anonymous says:

Heavy Duty Needed tool and snap to repair snowmobile wear, like bibs and jackets. Snaps are the perfect size and the toolallows you to crimp them just as good as the factory.

Anonymous says:

Works perfectly Works perfectly. We needed to replace some of the snaps from a canvas awning and this tool made it a breeze to get them replaced. It was also nice that it came with some extra snaps. That was very helpful.

Anonymous says:

Heavy Duty, Easy to use I ordered this unit to install some snaps on to make a canvas cover for my sons sandbox. The screw snaps it came with were perfect for the the wooden box. Crimping the larger snaps onto the canvas was a breeze. The only thing you need is a small punch to make the initial hole for the snap.

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