Dry & Dry 50 Gram [24 Packs] Premium Quality Food Safe Orange Indicating(Orange to Dark Green) Mixed Silica Gel Packets – Rechargeable(FDA Compliant)

February 12, 2019 - Comment
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30+ Years Experience in the Industry for Silica Gel Desiccant – See Our Customers’ Reviews.
Dry & Dry Silica Gel is a Pure, Vitreous, Porous Form of Silicon Dioxide made from Sodium Silicate.
It is Purified and Processed into either Granular or Beaded Form.
Its High Absorption Capacity is Attributed to its Millions of Tiny Pores.
The Mechanism of Absorption is Purely Physical, with No Change in Size or Shape of the Particles even as They become Saturated.
Even When fully Saturated, the Material still Looks and Feels Dry.
Clever Storage
Foods, Medications, Vitamins, Seeds, Nuts, Beef Jerkey, Snacks, Cookies, Spices, & Pet Foods.
Clever Protection
Guns, Ammo, Canister, Collectables, Jewelry, Documents, Camera Lens, Clothes, Cosmetics, Books, Travel & Gym Bags, Decorations, & Valuables
Clever Saver
Wet Cell Phone, Camera, Watches, Electronics, Shoes, & Windshield.

30+ Years Experience in the Industry for Silica Gel Desiccant – Premium Quality.
Our Silica Gel Packaging is the Highest Quality in the Industry for Moisture Absorption.
Even Our Packet Material was Tested under Strict Regulation for Food & Medication.
You can Experience a Big Difference Compared to Other Products.
Products of Dry&Dry Guarantee 100% Satisfaction. NO RISK
We REALLY want Our Customers to be HAPPY with Our Products. If You are not Happy, We are not Happy. Please Contact us. We will give You Free Replacement or Full Refund Even BEYOND REFUND PERIOD.

Product Features

  • [FOOD SAFE, INDICATING & RECHARGEABLE] 100% Refund or New Replacement BEYOND REFUND PERIOD if you are not happy with our product.(See Our Customers’ Reviews – 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED)
  • 30+ YEAR EXPERIENCE in the Industry of Silica Gel Desiccant – Premium Quality Pure and Safe Silica Gel without Cobalt Chloride. NO RISK
  • US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 COMPLIANT – Even Our Packet Material was tested under Strict Regulation for Food Grade.
  • SPECIAL THICKNESS – Packets are stored in RESEALABLE Self-Standing High Quality Bag for Easy Storage and Use – Air Tight Sealing & Sturdy Bag for Moisture Control.


Anonymous says:

Great product for humid places these packages are great at absorbing moisture. We put them in all boxes, cases etc that we have in the house to protect the contents, I have bought several bags of them and they all last forever

Anonymous says:

Necessity for gear bags! I bought these to keep in my video and photo gear bags to reduce moisture. Very important! I also heard of keeping these in tool boxes or any other places where moisture is a concern. Heck, I even used these when I spilled gasoline in my trunk of my new car. The smell lingered no matter what I did to clean it or mask the odor with. Within a couple of days, these packets seemed to absorb the majority of the gasoline vapors and my car was smelling great again. I will be buying more in the future!

Anonymous says:

Need it to stay DRY? Get these! Shipping was quick, items are packaged very securely in two mylar bags with each one containing 10 desiccant packets. The humidity strips were packaged separate from the desiccant packages. I’ve used 10 desiccant packets already (for ammo boxes and camera / gun bags). I also placed a humidity strip in a few of the ammo boxes and checked them after a few weeks – no humidity is registering. I appreciate the peace of mind this product offers. Thanks!

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