Dupli-Color BFM0350 Amazon Green Metallic Ford Exact-Match Automotive Paint – 8 oz. Aerosol

August 23, 2016 - Comment
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Dupli-Color Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquer aerosol paint specially formulated to exactly match the color of the original factory applied coating. Ideal for use on all OEM paint surfaces, Perfect Match is available in a complete line of exact-match colors for current and late model import and domestic vehicles, making this product ideal for both small scale vehicle touch-up and for painting vehicle accessories.

Product Features

  • Features EZ Touch 360 degree nozzle
  • Premium automotive paint
  • Duplicates original Ford colors
  • Ensures maximum coverage
  • Dry to touch in 30 minutes / handle in 1 hour


P. Saltatrix says:

I used another great product, Bondo Outstanding product. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer with 244,000 miles on it , always garaged, but some rust did develop around the rear tire wheels. I used another great product, Bondo, the fix the rust spots and then applied this Dupli-Color paint after applying priming. I could not believe how phenomenally it matched. Of course, the original paint had faded, but you could not get a better match. From a short distance you can’t tell where the repair was made other than the new paint is shiny,…

Dr. D. says:

Worked great! Great color match. The fan spray type nozzle gave the hood of my daughter’s car a nice finish. After sanding, wet sanding, etc., I applied a couple layers of Duplicolor clear coat. The finish was more of a matte appearance initially, however, after it was machine buffed 4 weeks later, it blended beautifully and now has a high-gloss appearance.

PenName says:

Awesome Match and Reaults – READ TO FIX SPATTER ISSUES FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY AFTER READING ALL THE BAD REVIEWS ABOUT THIS PAINT BEING CHUNKY AND DRIPPING EVERYWHERE— DO NOT REMOVE THE LITTLE WHITE TAB ON THE NOZZLE! THAT IS THE REASON IT WILL SPRAY LIKE THAT. I was about to give up on the paint and went to stick it back in before shelving it and noticed it had a small hole on it. Stuck it back in – and voila – perfect spray! This paint in Ford Amazon Green was a perfect color match for my 1995 Ford Explorer. Please note this is the…

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