Dupli-Color ECWRC8710 Custom Wrap Glow in the Dark Green

May 16, 2019 - Comment
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Specifically formulated for auto customization projects

Product Features

  • Provides a smooth, professional-looking finish that resists the wear and tear of daily driving
  • Ideal for original factory-painted finishes, aluminum, metal, chrome and plastic on entire vehicle
  • Features EZ Peel Technology for optimal peel
  • Recommended that Custom wrap be removed or recoated approximately six months after intial application


Anonymous says:

Goes on light but looks good Goes on very light, and it will splatter when it gets a little low. Be prepared to do many coats to get a solid color. I used it on my jeep wrangler grill, and it looks awesome. It’s rubbery so hopefully it will protect the steel. I figured if I didn’t like the look I could just peel it off, but I love it so I’m leaving it until it starts to get ragged. Then I’ll just peel it and paint with regular paint. Would recommend.

Anonymous says:

Looks Better Than Matte Dip This stuff is great for wheels. I like the look a lot better than matte dip.Pros:-Nice gloss finish-Well designed spray tip that has a wide fan and a design where your finger will not block the spray-Peels off easily if you use the recommended amount of coatsI laid down 6 total coats with the 1st coat being a light tack coat. It is important to lay your last coat down thick and it will dry with a nice smooth gloss finish. If it isn’t thick like my first…

Anonymous says:

This Stuff Works Great – A Few Application Tips This stuff works great. Wrapped my Dodge truck bumper that was rusted and nasty looking. The more layers of material the easier it to peel off.First spray should be light followed by medium coats. The material will run if you apply it too heavy.Prep the area well with lacquer thinner. Do not scuff up the surface. If you have any rust, lightly sand the area and use Rust Oleum rust reformer. Sand lightly again. Shake the can every 10 or 15 seconds.On the left…

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