Electronic Specialties 181 LOADpro Dynamic Test Lead and Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book

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LOADpro performs voltage drop test with the push of a button. On a 12 Volt system, pressing the switch applies a load of approximately 0.5 Amps across the circuit. This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground. It works with your existing DMM.

Product Features

  • Finds the problems like high corrosive resistance, shorts to ground, open circuits quickly
  • By loading the circuit, LOADpro makes a voltage drop test “on the fly”, just press the switch and the test results can not lie
  • Kit includes 200 pages of hand written, hand drawn electrical troubleshooting tips and procedures
  • LOADpro test leads work with almost any digital multimeter
  • Also features steadypin probe tips, instead of a pointed probe


Anonymous says:

I find the more I use this tool the quicker I get my work done. I was a powerprobe fanatic. It does have its uses. But seriously, I don’t mean to compare this tool to a powerprobe, but if you make an effort to use this tool you will find your problems faster. My coworker was working on a trailer with a light issue and was griping about not having enough cord for his power probe to reach the light that was out on the back of the trailer. Now, I would have simply unplugged another light and connected my powerprobe to the light plug but I already had my…

Anonymous says:

Get This Today! The book is well written, easy to understand, and a perfect reference to have on hand. Dan Sullivan breaks the mold when it comes to electrical diagnostics. I learned more from this book about electrical diagnostics than I did in tech school and other diagnostic courses I have attended. The LOADpro leads are a must have! They completely expedite troubleshooting procedures and alleviate spending money on misdiagnoses. Whether you are working on heavy diesel, automotive, or just…

Anonymous says:

Quick voltage drop testing Warning- long read.I received this tool for a christmas gift. Prior to owning i used light bulb method to load circuit. This is much cleaner/easier.We all perform voltage drop tests. Probably more so on euro cars than others even though principal of wiring is same no matter whose emblem is on the car.The load pro has been out for while. But it doesnt get the fan fare it probably deserves because creater comes off as being a douche to most people…

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