Elite Vision 194 168 T10 192 2825 W5W Titanium Series LED Non-Polarity 400LM Bright Green for Dome Map Courtesy Door License Plate Cargo Interior Lights (Pack of 2)

May 5, 2019 - Comment
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Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories Elite LED Bulbs are made to be as simple as swapping out a halogen bulb! They were made to be about the same size as your stock halogen bulbs, so there will never be a fitment issue with your EV LED bulbs! Copper Frame: our LED bulbs were made with a copper frame to give the LED a longer lifespan because of how much cooler it will run because of better heat dissipation. EV’s LED bulbs are made to give off a proper 360 degree beam pattern. CanBus Functionality: Some newer cars are equipped with CanBus systems, therefore the LED will need a canbus chip, which were engineered inside the LED bulbs to work on those vehicles to prevent flickering of the LED bulbs. NO MODIFICATION NEEDED: Everything included in our LED bulbs will make your install process a breeze. Works for all vehicles! Whether you are changing your dome light/map light/trunk light/license plate light/parking lights/etc, it is as simple as taking the stock halogen bulb out, and plugging in your new EV LED bulb. Different part numbers for this bulb type include: 168 192, T10, 194, 2821, 2825, 158, 12961 etc. Be sure to ask us if you want to double check if your bulb size will be the same as this LED bulb! FREE 30 day returns if you are not satisfied with this product in any way! Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories LED bulbs are made to replace your stock halogen bulbs only.

Product Features

  • EV high powered LED bulbs are engineered to give a full 360-degree light distribution in any housing/application. Pushing 400Lms per bulb, with built in Canbus chips to avoid any errors, in installation (No flickering/dash codes/other issues in ANY vehicles)
  • Outperformed Reliability! The LED bulb has a copper frame which is built to dissipate heat at a faster rate than regular bulbs, which means a longer life for your light!
  • Plug and Play System! EV LED Bulbs are made to have the simplest installation process and are made to be reverse polarity! It works plugged in both ways!
  • Different part numbers for this bulb type include: 168 192, T10, 194, 2821, 2825, 158, 12961 etc. Some uses for these led bulbs may include, Any interior lights (Map/Dome/Door) Cargo and trunk lights, license plate lights, parking lights. Some vehicles take this bulb size for more than 1 application!
  • Our products include a 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical support through Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories!


Anonymous says:

WRONG BULB SIZE LEDs are just fine, however the rear dome light bulb was the incorrect size for my 2019 Tacoma. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturer mistake or if the bulb sizes have changed, which I doubt. Now I have to find the dome light LED separately.

Anonymous says:

Fit my 2008 Avalon Running lights These wer a perfect fit for the tiny slot that is trunk mounted on the 2008 avalon

Anonymous says:

Amazing! I used these to replace my side marker lights in my car and WOW! These are impressively bright for how small they are. As you can see in the first picture I replace the old yellow halogen with these bright white and looks amazing

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