Enginstar Portable Power Station 298Wh, Backup Camping Lithium Battery Pack, 110V/300W Outdoors Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) for Laptops Cellphones Drones and More Electronics

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EnginStar Portable Solar Generator. Pump your outdoors!

EnginStar portable power station R300 works as a solar generator with solar panels to let you fill your power station with green and unlimited solar energy, make sure that output voltage of your solar panel is between 12-25V to be compatible(solar panels need buy separately).


Capacity: 298Wh (20.7Ah, 14.4V)
Battery Type: 80,000mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Input: DC5521 plug-in, 12V-25V
AC Output(2): 110V, 300W (500W peak)
USB-A Outputs (2): 5V, 3.1A max
USB-C Outputs: 5V, 3A or 9V, 2A
DC Outputs (2): 12V and 24V, 96W max
Car cigarette lighter Port: DC 12V, 8A , 96W
LED light with 3 modes: Light, strobe, SOS
Weight: 8 lbs
Dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches

Features most kinds of output ports
2* PURE SINE WAVE AC output ports(110V 300W, 500W peak), 2* DC output ports(12&24V 96W), 2* USB output ports(5V/3.1A max), 1* 18W type-c output port, 1* cigarette lighter output port(12V/8A)

Power CPAP machine anywhere
Use the 12V or 24V DC5521 plug to power your CPAP machine. Highly suggested to Turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER to get more running time, normally 4+ nights.

Can’t support devices over 300W
The continuous output power of EnginStar R300 is 300 Watts. Please check the rate power of your device before using. If connected with devices that over 300W, the power supply will shut off and turn into protection mode, you need charge it to re-activate.

The running time for popular devices
The EnginStar R300 power supply will fully charge laptops 5+ times, cellphones 20+ times, new ipad 7+ times, CPAP machine 4+ nights(by using DC converter), mini refrigerator 5+ hours, GoPro Hero7 40+ times.


1 x ENGINSTAR R300 portable power station 298Wh
1 x AC power adapter(2 parts)
1 x user manual

Product Features

  • WHAT THIS PORTABLE POWER STATION CAN DO: ENGINSTAR R300 power pack has a huge capacity of 298 watt-hour (80,000mAh, 3.7V), It can easily meet all electrical needs of your devices which less than 300W. It will fully charge laptops > 5 times, cellphones > 20 times, CPAP machine > 4 nights(by using DC converter), mini refrigerator > 5 hours.
  • IDEAL BACKUP POWER FOR OUTDOOR CAMPING TRAVEL: The size is only 9 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches, easy to carry wherever you go. Portable power supply features plenty of ports for most kinds of appliances. 2* PURE SINE WAVE AC output ports(110V 300W, 500W peak), 2* DC output ports(12&24V 96W), 2* USB output ports(5V/3.1A max), 1* 18W type-c output port, 1* cigarette lighter output port(12V/8A).
  • BECOME SOLAR GENERATOR WITH SOLAR PANELS(REQUIRES 12V-25V OUTPUT, BUY SEPARATELY): The fuel or gas generator will run out, but the sun light is unlimited. Get the power any where, fully charged by solar panels in 7 hours with full sun light, keep your outdoors always pumped!
  • PURE SINE WAVE AC OUTPUT: Better than modified sine wave, the pure sine wave power will protect your sensitive devices, to have a better working performance. ENGINSTAR is a factory with more than 10 years specializing in lithium-ion battery products, you are buying from the experienced factory directly, buy with confidence.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES & CUSTOMER SERVICE: You will receive 1*ENGINSTAR R300 portable power station, 1*AC power adapter, 1* user manual. We offer 7*24 rapid customer service, 30 days money back guarantee, 24 months warranty, life time technical support.


Anonymous says:

Not heavy and Powerful Generator. This this was a lot smaller in person than it appeared on the website, which is a good thing. Using it to charge my Nintendo Switch and Galaxy S9 as well as power a portable IPS monitor all day, it only drained the battery to about 50%. The inverter is a cool feature to have, but I haven’t really used it much. I mostly used the USB ports and the DC car adapter. It comes with a nice pouch for all the cords to keep everything tidy. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack for when I go to my…

Anonymous says:

Just what you need to stay active while on the road, this power station is worth the investment Since I am traveling literally half of every month I am always looking for things I can use that will keep me connected to the world and make life on the road just a little easier. This power station is more than I could have hoped for and helps me keep all the things I need charged and ready to go.Love that it is easy to carry and also to store. Definitely keep the box it comes in, because that will help you in keeping it protected. When it comes to my digital cameras, laptop and…

Anonymous says:

Gas-free source of portable power supply To prevent mountain fires, sometimes our neighborhood is in the power rotation plan when the wind is strong. When that happens, all the power generators are sold out. I figure I should have some backup plan, I prefer no-gas solution so I decide to get this 298Wh power station.When I received the item, I heard a tiny sound, it sounds like a small screw is in the box. It does not affect the performance but somehow bothers me so I opened it. Turned out, it is a tiny tin, you can see it…

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