Enhanced Edition Car Battery Charger 12V/6A Automotive Smart Portable Battery Charger Maintainer/Pulse Repair Charger Pack for Car, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower and More

February 10, 2020 - Comment
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This 6 amp automatic battery charger needs to be plugged into wall outlet.
Note: If this product encounters that some batteries cannot be charged, it will show that it is fully charged, and you need to start the repair function. The process is to plug in the battery first, then click the repair function button after connecting the battery. You can charge the battery.

Battery Type: Fit all type of 12V AGM, GEL, Flooded(Wet), Calcium type deep cycle, VRLA maintenance free lead acid batteries Battery Capacity: 4Ah – 100Ah
Charge Current: 6 Amp
Input Voltage: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz 85W
Input Current: 0.5A(RMS)@230VAC
Charge Voltage: Summer Mode: 14.4V; Normal Mode: 14.7V; Winter Mode: 15.5V
Operate Temperature: -20℃ to +45℃(-4℉ to 113℉)
Cooling: Fan
Size: 150*85*60mm(0.6*0.34*0.24in)
Weight: 380g(0.84lb)

How to Use:
1. Check your battery parameters is compatible to the charger (at the back of the charger).
2. Connect the red clamp to the positive pole(+), black clamp to the negative pole.
3. The LCD display will show battery voltage, charge current and inside temperature (Temperature is for reference only, allowed tolerance).
4. Wrong battery connection: “EI-I-” will displayed on screen , the indicating lamp will flash.
5. Connect the charger with AC power source, the charger will start to operate (the Charge-lamp will start to flash in red).
6. Once the battery is fully charged, the battery bar on screen will in “FUL” status, meanwhile, the charge indicating lamp will keeps on. Keep the charged status in 1-2 hours is highly recommended.
7. Charging completed, remove the charger.
Remark: for 4Ah-15Ah battery, we suggest use “Repair” mode, because the battery size is too small, use pulse charge is very good for small size battery.

Package Includes:
1 x Car Battery Charger
1 x 5M extension cable socket
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 【MULTI FUNCTION INTELLIGENT CHARGING】: Microprocessor-controlled – automatically adjusts the charge current and maintainability. automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, then to trickle charge.Pulse repair function can help to repair your loss battery and extend battery life.
  • 【HIGHLY COMPATIBLE FAST CHARGING】: It works with SLA, WET, MF, FLOODED, GEL, VRLA, AGM, EFB batteries, meaning that it can be used for the batteries in cars, motorcycles, boats, mowers and others. Calcium type deep cycle automotive or marine 4Ah-100Ah 12V battery. Upgrade enhanced 6A for faster charging.
  • 【TOTAL PROTECTION】: The battery charger offers safety features including reverse-polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, and over-temperature protection.
  • 【SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL TO USE】: Using a backlit LCD display, the battery charger clearly and visibly shows LCD screen displays charging status and battery status; charge voltage, charge current, inside temperature, battery full, summer mode, winter mode, etc.
  • 【ENHANCE QUALITY ASSURANCE UPGRADED VERSION】: We have received electric appliance authentication to our battery charger.Please contact me whenever you have any problems. Provide one year quality assurance, please feel free to purchase.Tip: The product is just a charger for car batteries. There is no function to start the car.


Anonymous says:

Repair Mode for the Win! We ordered this because one of our cars’ batteries was dead. After we ordered it we had two mechanics come out and look at it and try to jump it with another charger and their cars. Nothing worked and they believed they needed to take it into the shop to look for a faulty connector.Wife got this and hooked it up. It went into repair mode and shortly thereafter the battery started. Apparently there is something called a sulphate build up that can occur. This charger can sense…

Anonymous says:

Quite Convenient As it so happens, I had a need to use this charger two days after receiving it.My newly installed dash cam had completely drained my battery after I left it plugged in but didn’t drive the car for a few days.Lesson learned,this half the size of a cigarette carton charger had me back to 12 volt in about 45 min. and fully charged to 12.8 in about another hour.I am completely satisfied and glad for my purchase.I also like the fact that it comes with a separate 12 ft or more extension cord with…

Anonymous says:

Saved my bacon! This is a terrific charger! This charger is terrific. It saved my bacon during the last snowstorm. I went to start my tractor and the battery was dead. I hooked up my old school charge and the lights told me the battery was toast. I had just received this charger a few days earlier and hadn’t used it yet but decided to give it a try. The problem was that it was 8:00 Sunday night, and snowing like crazy. There was no place open to get a new battery so I decided to try the new charger. I had ordered it because…

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