FH Group FH2008GREEN Green Full Spectrum Leather Steering Wheel Cover

May 10, 2019 - Comment
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Protect your steering wheel and give it a facelift with a design that combines classic black genuine leather with bright, vivid colors. Your favorite color wraps around the perimeter while a spectrum of colors anchors the bottom of the steering wheel cover, and matching stitching brings it all together.

Product Features

  • Made of top quality genuine leather
  • Aesthetic pattern is unique and ensures durability, breathability, and maximum performance
  • Rubber molding ensures a snug fit
  • Fits 14.5″ – 15.5″ steering wheels


Anonymous says:

VERY difficult to put on 1st – If you own a 2016 TOYOTA 4RUNNER LIMITED this does NOT actually fit your ride. I own a 2016 Toyota 4RUNNER Limited/TRDPro and this car had a full size steering wheel like the Toyota Tundra. 16.5″. I have found it difficult to find any wheel cover that fits. HOWEVER, this wheel cover says it fits up to 15.5″ AND I was able to make it stretch … with MUCH EFFORT … to make it fit my wheel. The quality is excellent, color is great, grip is fantastic. I gave it a 4star rating not…

Anonymous says:

Fits Nice But Odor From Off-Gassing This fit over the stock steering wheel of my 2008 Kia Spectra very nicely. It’s a nice, secure, comfortable grip to the hands however, it may leave the steering wheel a bit thick for comfort for smaller hands. The medium gray color is a decent match to the interior.The biggest issue in my opinion is a “rubbery” odor presumably from off-gassing of this steering wheel cover. It is most noticeable in the afternoons when it is hotter and it doesn’t smell like any new car I’ve ever…

Anonymous says:

A Very Good Cover with, Perhaps, an Undeserved Sketchy Reputation All in all, it is a great cover.I have read reviews that says it smells…it does, slightly, like a new car, for a couple of days. I would say the slight smell is pleasant. I have read reviews that it is impossible to incredibly difficult to put on a steering wheel. Well, it is difficult…takes a lot of muscle and grunting and tugging and patience…I got mine on in about 7-10 minutes. At one point I thought it wasn’t going to go on, but I kept at it and, suddenly, it loosened…

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