FH Group FH2033 Modernistic Steering Wheel Cover and Seat Belt Pads Green Color-Fit Most Car, Truck, SUV, or Van

April 11, 2019 - Comment
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Add some style to your vehicle with a new steering wheel cover.  Whether you’re looking to hide an old, dirty steering wheel or just upgrade the look of your interior, this cloth steering wheel cover is the perfect solution.  Preserve the condition of your steering wheel while protecting your hands from extreme temperatures.

Product Features

  • FH Group is a registered brand. For quality goods please ensure you are purchasing from FH Group only, do not fall for imposters. We cannot guarantee merchandise from other sellers to be as pictured and uphold the same quality.
  • Rubber molding ensures a snug fit.
  • Provides protection against extreme temperatures.
  • Universally designed to fit most cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Fits 14.5″ to 15.5″ steering wheels.


Anonymous says:

Smells Like Gasoline I love the color and the cloth but all of the pieces smell like gasoline. The odor was extremely strong when I first got the items. Decided to use them any way because I thought the scent would dissipate. It did to a degree but still my hands smell like gas any time I drive my car. I even tried spraying the pieces with Febreze but it did not help. I finally decided today to just remove all of the pieces from my car. Very disappointed.

Anonymous says:

Don’t waste your money I am VERY disappointed in this cover–#1-it is not bright like the picture shows, it is a dull purple and #2 it smells like cigarette smoke to the point that I will be removing it from my vehicle. My jeep is brand new, I do not smoke nor has anyone been in my jeep that smokes but my hands smell like cigarette smoke every time I drive it-this is unacceptable. This is one of the most disappointing items I have purchased for my jeep. If there were minus stars, I would have given it a minus star

Anonymous says:

Cheap Plus Great! I can’t say enough about this steering wheel cover. First of all, I live in the desert where the summer temperatures are always well over 100 every day. This means you cannot even TOUCH your steering wheel unless it’s covered. I did not want leather, or bumpy styles, or styles with different thicknesses, or thick all around. I just wanted something that would keep the steering wheel cool in the summer & warm in the winter. The answer to this is cloth, plus this one has an inner covering of…

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