FH Group PU008GREEN115 Full Set Seat Cover (Perforated Leatherette Airbag Compatible and Split Bench Ready Green)

September 20, 2019 - Comment
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This fun design is sure to grab attention. A bright splash of color in the perforated center panel brings a striking look that won’t be forgotten. Our high quality faux leather is backed by 3mm breathable foam padding to keep you comfortable and cool on even the hottest summer days.

Product Features

  • Airbag compatible – special stitching on the side allows airbag deployment. Officially tested
  • Concealed Velcro opening and adjustable straps help with easy installation and removal
  • Designed to fit 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, or 20/40/20 split rear benches
  • Semi-customized to fit most vehicles. Will not interfere with heated seats
  • This product is compatible with removable headrests only. Please ensure your headrests can be detached before purchasing


Anonymous says:

Cheap, missing/torn pieces and zero response from customer support There were a several issues:1. I only got 2 of the 4 pieces of mesh needed for my split back seat2. I ran short of the little clips, even though I had each one doing double & tipple duty3. The seam was separating where the mesh and faux leather meet on the driver’s seat cover4. I would have given the front seats a 3, were it not for the tear.5. I would have given the back seats a 2, were it not for the missing pieces*The utter lack of response makes this a…

Anonymous says:

Zippers Need Instructions. The installation was about what I expected for difficulty. The zippers can be a pain and I had several misstarts trying to get them zipped. It seems like they used two different weight zippers on the leatherette part and the cloth part. The first couple times I tried to zip them together they were splitting and not lining up correctly. I found by holding the zipper with my thumb on top and middle finger on the bottom they would actually zipper up easily and correctly. It seems you need your…

Anonymous says:

Wouldn’t suggest The front seats look great . Was unable to use the back set cover because the zippers are so cheap they pull apart constantly

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