Fit System 81810 Ford F-150 Towing Mirror – Pair

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Fit System’s Towing Mirror Extensions are the most economical towing mirror option you can find. They are an excellent, safe solution for all your towing needs to increase visibility when on the road while towing. Fit System Towing Mirror Extensions increase the effectiveness of existing OEM side mirrors. Our mirror extensions are custom designed to fit a variety of popular truck and SUV models. Installation is a snap, and the mirrors do not detract from the appearance of your vehicle. The final look is truly professional and looks like it was designed for your truck or SUV.

Easy and effective extension of side mirrors Extend Rear Visibility When Towing

Reduce your driving stress while towing. You will greatly improve your ability to change lanes, pass other vehicles and park your vehicle safely and effortlessly with the addition of our Fit System Custom Towing Mirrors. Towing incidents are quite common when pulling loads wider than your vehicle. These challenging hauling circumstances are why Fit Systems created and perfected our Towing Mirror line. For over 60 years we have provided solutions for the mirror industry and the past decade we have helped the Towing industry with our experience and knowledge. It is important to augment your existing side mirror line of sight. Our Custom Fit, aerodynamic design results in an unobstructed view for safer towing.

Durable Construction and Easy Installation

Fit System’s Towing Mirror Extensions are designed to last for years. The housing is rugged and the glass is scratch-resistant. The installation of our towing mirror extensions is so simple. There are no holes to drill or additional parts needed when installing them. No hardware needed! Simply snap the mirror in place over your existing mirror. Once the towing mirrors are in place, the built-in clips will keep the towing mirror securely in place on your existing mirror until you decide to take them off. The custom design flawlessly matches the contour of your existing mirror. The result is a look and feel that is professional. From the front of the vehicle hardly anyone will be able to tell there are towing mirror extensions attached. From the inside of the vehicle, you will easily see the increased field of vision while towing. No chunky looks, no parts sticking out creating an eye sore. Form ever follows function with these custom fit towing mirrors. They are sleek, elegant and look like they came directly from the manufacturer. These custom towing mirrors are conveniently sold as a pair with installation instructions for installation demonstration.

About Fit Systems

Since 1950, as the leading manufacturer of vehicle mirrors, Fit Systems has been servicing the OE mirror industry and the replacement mirror aftermarket for over 60 years. Our car mirrors and truck mirrors can be found in numerous applications, and the Fit System name is one of the most recognizable brands on the market. Our diverse product line, which includes the automobile mirror, truck mirror, replacement glass and towing mirror segments, is manufactured under strict quality guidelines. We operate five factories worldwide that are ISO certified and follow QS 9000 standards. The Fit System, our OE replacement mirror program, covers over 2,700 vehicle applications and continues to grow. It is the largest program of its kind in the U. S. and Canada, and fulfills 87% of the aftermarket demand. We also manufacture universal mirrors for car, truck, SUV and van applications, as well as numerous interior and exterior accessories.

Product Description

Fit System’s Towing Mirror Extensions are designed to fit seamlessly over standard factory side mirrors. Our Towing Mirrors fit Dodge, Ford, Chevy and Toyota models. The Fit System’s Towing Mirror Extensions are aerodynamic, elegant, and sleek and clip right over the factory mirror seamlessly. When clipped on these customs fit towing mirrors look as if they were manufactured as part of the original installed mirror. These mirrors feature an adjustable mirror that extends your towing vision without obstructing your existing mirror. The easy installation requires no tools and can be installed within 60 seconds. There are no holes to drill and they are a custom fit to your vehicle. Truly a factory look, feel and construction design. The mirror face is manufactured with scratch-resistant glass for many years of use. The materials used are designed for reliability. They can withstand years of use in all weather conditions. What are you waiting for? Try these top rated Towing Mirror Extensions from The Mirror People today!

Product Features

  • OEM fit for that factory installed appearance
  • Sleek modern design
  • No need to remove as it will fold away with mirror but can be easily removed if needed
  • Perfect for towing trailers, campers, etc
  • Snaps on to original mirror for easy installation


A2Pfunk says:

Great improvement to my view These are awesome! I was a little nervous to go slapping something on my F150 because I am kind of picky about my truck. First off, I find that most towing mirrors look incredibly dorky. I don’t want my truck to look like it belongs to some grandpa bumbling around Florida. Second, I was worried about scratching up my color-keyed mirrors on my truck by snapping these on. Well, they did not disappoint. Once they are attached to the truck, the mirrors look like they are original equipment. They go…

Steven G. says:

Fantastic product I bought these for use on my 2013 F-150 towing a 27 foot Keystone Outback travel trailer. They fit perfectly, look like factory options, and work great once you get them aligned. I drove from Denver to Nashville towing my trailer and they were worth their weight in gold. I removed them last night and they left no marks on the factory mirrors! I highly recommend this product.

Jay Foreman says:

Perfect fit for 2014 F150… I definitely recommend these. Perfect fit for 2014 F150. Just did our 1st 33′ RV tow to Florida. The RV is a good foot wider than my truck on both sides. These mirrors were great for being able to view the next lane behind either side of the RV. They snapped on and off easily. No vibrations during travel. I definitely recommend these.

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