Ford – Mustang Grille Sport Silver Lamp

November 6, 2018 - Comment
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Lamp-In-A-Box makes fun and affordable lamps that are totally relevant to everyone’s lifestyle. With an extensive design library, Lamp-In-A-Box is proud to offer any and every one a great gift “The gift of Light”. The only lamp that adults, teenagers and children alike are raving about.

Product Features

  • All shades printed and made in USA
  • State of the art translucent shade material with non-fade inks
  • Ultra-durable, powder-coated silver finish base with pull-chain
  • Stylish gift box with carrying handle
  • Suggested 13-watt CFL bulb


Anonymous says:

bought for my hubby’s mustang room as a second table … bought for my hubby’s mustang room as a second table lamp. not AT ALL visible when in off position, and barely recognizable in on position…returned item

Anonymous says:

Smaller than a traditional lamp. Expensive for the size! The lamp was much smaller than I anticipated making it much more expensive than traditional lamps. Although, I like the design and really nice when teamed with an LED bulb.

Anonymous says:

A Nice Lamp for Any Car Enthusiast I bought this lamp for my son’s bedroom. Definitely fits the theme, as he is a car enthusiast (especially Ford Mustangs), but it was slightly smaller than I was anticipating. Also, I placed a LED light bulb in the socket and while it really makes the Mustang logo pop, the light itself doesn’t provide a lot of light in the room due to the dark background of the lamp shade. If you are a car lover, I would recommended this lamp to be added to your collection, but I wouldn’t use it as the sole…

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