Gates 91031 Engine Tool

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Gates Gates Tools and Manuals 91031 Stretch Fit Tool Subaru (ONE PER PKG) Tools and Manuals (ONE PER PKG)2011-09 Subaru, Forester, 4-Cyl. 2.5 L, Stretch Fit Belt Installation Tool

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  • Gates Tools and Manuals 91031 Stretch Fit Tool Subaru (ONE PER PKG) (91031)


Anonymous says:

Mandatory If your doing a subaru and don’t want to loose your mind buy this. Was able to squeak the belt on without and had to tear it back apart. Bought it and used to put back. So much easier and a YouTube video is available to walk you through using it.

Anonymous says:

Worth the price!!!! I was a little hesitant paying as much for an installation tool as I was for the two belts I was replacing, but man was it worth it. This made replacing the stretch belt so easy that I actually overshot the intended installation location by one groove. I simply slide the tool back on, rotated the engine while gently pulling on the belt and it easily slid from one groove to the other. I could have wrestled this for a good 45 minutes, but with this tool it was done in about 5.As…

Anonymous says:

Gates engine tool I own a 2010 Subaru Forester and I needed to replace the belts A/C, P/S ,Alt, the first belt has an adjustment bolt for loosening and replacing the belt, but the second belt is a “stretch belt”, this means you WILL NOT replace this belt without some special tool [I tried] or getting it replaced by a mechanic of your choice. After doing some research, I found the Gates 91031 Engine Tool, ordered it and after going over the instructions ON LINE , the ones that come with the tool kit are…

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