Genuine Toyota Accessories PT908-89130-20 Front and Rear All-Weather Floor Mat – (Black), Set of 4

August 22, 2016 - Comment
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Help protect your Toyota’s original factory carpet with durable all-weather mats. The mats feature a ribbed channel design that helps contain moisture, dirt and other debris. Retention clips (on the driver’s side) and nibbed backing on all mats help hold them in position. Designed to help protect from dirt, mud, snow and slush, the all-weather floor mats feature a multi-dimensional surface, custom channel design and perimeter lip that combine to keep clothing and shoes clean, dry and stain-free. All-weather floor mats are custom-fitted to the vehicle’s interior and front mats are embellished with a custom molded vehicle logo. The mats also feature an aggressive “nib” backing and positive retention clips (front driver only) to help prevent sliding.

Product Features

  • Fits: 2013 Toyota 4Runner 5-door Wagon
  • Helps protect vehicle’s factory carpet against mud, embedded sand, stains and soils
  • Replaces standard carpet floor mats
  • Ribbed channel design
  • Easy to clean – can be wiped off


D Woz says:

Don’t bother I thought theses looked cool with the 4Runner on them and they do look really nice. But I’m regretting my purchase a bit and thinking I should have gone with weathertech mats. It’s not even winter but the have been hard to clesn because the tacky rubber material shows the dirt too easily and they don’t just wipe clean you need to take them out and scrub them down. 

Renee Blakeslee says:

Keeping my new 4Runner clean this winter For whatever reason my local dealer could not get these items in stock. So I went to Amazon hoping to find them and I was in luck. These are the authentic Toyota accessories I was looking for! I didn’t want the fits most models from the big retail stores either. They are more stylish, but less heavy duty than my 2004 4Runner mats, but they are holding up well so far this winter. The older ones were heavier.The price was reasonable and about what I would have paid at the dealership. Thank…

A Carro says:

Perfect for my 2014 4-Runner Very happy with these mats for my 2014 Limited 4-Runner. I had been looking at some from weathertech, however I thought those looked a little crude. These are nice and streamlined. They fit exactly the way the carpet mats do, these will just be easier to clean. I don’t feel these are cheap at all.

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