Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex Rv Flexible Clear

May 2, 2019 - Comment
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Stays elastic and stops leaks quickly. Bonds to virtually all RV materials and adheres to damp, frozen and oily surfaces. Withstands joint movement and temperature change due to RV travel. 25 year life expectancy. 10 oz.

Product Features

  • Crack resistant
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp
  • Easily applied, non-stringing formulation


Anonymous says:

worked just fine! Had to re-caulk the outside trim. It went on easy, looks good and worked. This did not go over any putty or any sealing membrane. Just what had been caulked before. Cleaned out what we could from previous caulking, used alcohol prep pads to make sure no residue remained. Taped off the trim and body of the RV (with painters tape) and caulked away. So far so good!

Anonymous says:

Tips for happy use, 1 5 stars so far. All the immediate leaking areas are dry. How well it holds up to UV and 70 mph winds, we will see.Tips for happy use,1. Wear latex gloves, this stuff will not come off fingers or clothes very easily.2. Have a wet, non lint rag ready for oopsies. And be ready to throw said rag away afterwards.3. Try to cut the smallest possible hole in the tip that you need. Excess of this stuff is a pain to smooth out without ripples.

Anonymous says:

Soapy Water is the trick to perfect beads every time! This is the industry standard for sealing anything on the side of your RV. One trick I learned was that you do not have to run a super neat bead. Run your bead as neat as you can then spray it with soapy water. You can then easily smooth out the bead with your finger, without it sticking to your finger. It gives you really professional looking results.

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