Glacier Chains 2028C Light Truck Cable Tire Chain

December 6, 2018 - Comment
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Limited clearance cable tire snow chains for most makes, models of light trucks and SUV’s. Has case hardened spring rollers on cable cross members for longer wear. Suitable for front and rear wheel drive light trucks or SUV’s.

Product Features

  • Case hardened spring rollers on cable cross members for longer wear
  • Suitable for front and rear wheel drive light trucks or SUV’s
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Meets all state requirements for cable traction devices
  • Will not void vehicle warranty


Anonymous says:

Do NOT buy these. Size is way off. My tires are sized 265 70R 16. The recommendation from the website said these would fit my tires. Amazon said they would fit according to their information. They are too big. I used every notch and there was still too much slack. Don’t waste your money. Returning mine. ALSO, I just found out Amazon is charging me to return them. This is a ripoff….

Anonymous says:

Great traction…horrible sizing. As far as traction is concerned, I couldn’t be happier. I’m getting traction even on ice. The one complaint I have is that they run way too large. I checked every way I could find to verify the right chains for my tire size, and I am confident that I ordered exactly what the manufacturer recommends for my vehicle and tire size. At the very smallest possible adjustment the chains are still too large. If it weren’t for the purchase of the rubber adjusters I also bought that take up the…

Anonymous says:

Great seller, I just received a defective item… Although the construction seemed good, the latch would not lock securely, and would easily pop open, therefore I had to return it. It may have been that the one I purchased was defective, thus not necessarily reflecting the others that were sold. And, as was everyone’s complaint, the cables did not fit back into the bag it came with, which would make it very cumbersome to repack after use – especially in cold weather.The seller was excellent, as I received the product almost…

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