GM Fuel Filter 12642623

October 31, 2018 - Comment
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Product Features

  • 12642623 FILTER 3.890


Anonymous says:

Don’t even bother with a rebuild kit. You actually get everything in the picture. The housing, a new filter, and a new WIF sensor. For this price, you’d be a fool to try and rebuild your old housing.

Anonymous says:

Priming pump leak solved ending stalling problems. Fuel filter and priming pump as stated great value for 2005 Duramax. Had developed an air leak at base of the original priming pump causing engine to stall after pulling a load in hot weather.

Anonymous says:

Perfect for LBZ Duramax Perfect for an LBZ Duramax. I’ve been fighting a loosing prime issue. This fixed it right up.This is the complete head unit, filter, and water sensor. OEM part, fast shipping, great price!

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