Goodyear GY1121 \ Water Resistant Seat Cover 22″W x 53″H \ 100% Pure Neoprene Fabric for Maximum Protection \ Side Airbag Compatible \ Fits Most Vehicles \ Easy Slip-on \ Adjustable Straps

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If you’re sick of the stains food and drink fumbles leave behind, it’s time for Goodyear’s Universal Wetsuit Seat Cover! Goodyear’s made it easier than ever to keep your car clean. The seat cover provides maximum protection for seats in any sized car, truck or SUV. Whether it’s a latte with a loose lid or your child spilled his apple juice yet again, any type of liquid just beads up right on the fabric. Cleanup has never been so simple – just blot up with a paper towel or regular towel before you hit the road. No liquid sinks into your car seat fabric, and no wetness remains to make a smelly, uncomfortable mark in your vehicle. When it comes time to clean the car seats, simply detach and toss them in the wash. The secret is in the fabric. See, these covers aren’t just for decoration or extra comfort – they’re made from a utility neoprene, which is specially designed to bead up any liquid right on the surface. The result is liquid that never even touches your car’s fabric or leather seats. It keeps sweat at bay, too – perfect for those bogged-down summer days. Bye-bye, expensive trips to the car wash! Hassle-free purchase and installation means no measuring and no modifications on your part. The universal fit (53” long by 22” wide) is compatible with most car models and types. Simple installation can be placed, adjusted, and removed with ease. Its slim profile won’t get in the way of arm rests. It works with side air bags, too, adding no bulk that may interfere with your side airbag’s performance. Stop unnecessary shampooing, car cleaning, and trips to the detailer, and grab your Goodyear Universal Wetsuit Seat Cover now!

Product Features

  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION – Whether it’s a latte with a loose lid or your child spilled his apple juice box yet again, Goodyear’s seat cover can resist any type of liquid for a clean and comfortable journey. Thanks to the neoprene fabric, the liquid simply beads up on the surface – no stains, no trips to the car wash, and no gross wetness to sit in. Simply blot it up and continue your drive. It covers your entire seat, too, from the tip of the headrest to the edges of the seat.
  • SUPER SIMPLE ASSEMBLY – There’s no struggling, complicated attachments, or multiple fasteners here. All you need to do is slip it over the driver seat or passenger seat. The adjustable straps tighten and loosen with ease. Plus, it’s compatible with side arm rests, so any seat in your car, van or truck can be protected without any additional excessive modifications.
  • SIDE AIRBAG COMPATIBLE – Keeping your car clean shouldn’t get in the way of personal safety. That’s why Goodyear’s seat cover is designed to keep out of the way of the side airbag. The thin fabric adds no bulk anywhere on your seat, from headrest to back to seat. This leaves plenty of room for the side air bag to deploy if it ever needs to.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Two-door coupe? Eight-passenger mega-van? A standard sedan? Whatever you may drive, Goodyear’s seat cover is designed to fit. There’s no need to buy by car model or vehicle type. Goodyear’s products are simplified. Just order the universal seat cover with total confidence that this waterproof, stain-resistant cover will conform to your vehicle. The approximate dimensions are 53″ by 22″. (While they are universal, we recommend measuring before purchase. ) Contains one Wetsuit seat cover per package.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – Our cars could use a good cleaning every once in a while, but thanks to Goodyear’s seat covers, you don’t need to take a trip to the car wash. All you need to do is remove the car seats and wash them like you would wash your towels or tablecloths. Toss them right into the wash according to the enclosed instructions and install them again once they’re all clean.


Anonymous says:

This seat cover… I never have time to eat breakfast in the morning so I usually just grab a cup of coffee and drink it on the way to work. I’m a bit of a clumsy person though so there have already been several instances wherein I accidentally end up spilling my drink. Got this seat cover and did a little test run to see how well it’ll work and it passed with flying colors. Have this over my seat now and I don’t have to worry about getting coffee all over my seat anymore.

Anonymous says:

It’s not beautiful, but it works. For what it does, it works well. Keeps filth off the seats. Even protects the headrest from greasy hair and such. Also, a big plus, it does not interfere with seat-mounted side air bags. Also, it stays put.No, it’s not beautiful. If I wanted beautiful, I’d be paying a whole lot more.

Anonymous says:

Quality seems good, but not universal fit The quality seems ok, but this does not fit the 2018 Toyota Tundra. The seats in the Tundra have a 2.5″ hump on each side of the headrest. This prevents the piece of the seat cover that tucks between the backrest and the seat not stay in place. This causes the lower cover to come off of the seat. It needs to be a few inches longer in order to fit the tundra. the picture I posted is my actual seat without the cover to show the humps on the side of the head rest.

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